Just 10 of the Cutest Cat Beds

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We know it seems highly unlikely that your pet cat could get any cuter, but trust us: You'll absolutely melt seeing her in one of these 10 beds. They just happen to be out-of-this-world adorable.

1. Meowingtons Fruit Tart Cat Bed, $84

Excuse us, we need a minute: We could practically eat this cat up. He's like the sixth fruit.

2. LaPetiteMelina Cat Bed With a Matching Pad, starting at $89

Your little climber will be right at home in this mountain. You can even pay extra to get her name embroidered on.

3. Ohhio Braid Cat Bed, $89

This must be the coziest cat in all of America. And Ohhio's cat bed is claw-resistant, so it'll remain a cuddly oasis for years to come.

4. MinicampLT Cat Bed With a Matching Pompom Pad, starting at $89.08

This pet teepee is a classic. Your cat will be meowing along to songs at Coachella before you know it.

5. Sticks and Pinecone Cat Diamond in Peach Leaf, $42

This unique hideaway is actually made of cardboard. It's definitely fit for your modern cat.

6. BureBureSlippers Ivory Rose Pink Chunky Cat Bed, starting at $48.36

This wool bed isn't just a sight for sore eyes. It actually has some great benefits, too. The insulation of wool fibers allows your cat to feel cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day, and the wool is actually hypoallergenic.

7. PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag in Gray, $13.99

Cats like to burrow, so this eared sleeping bag is sure to be a hit. Plus, it comes in at an affordable price point.

8. BureBureSlippers Natural Grey Wool Cat Cave, starting at $34.49

Speaking of burrowing, this bed also offers that opportunity along with all the benefits of wool. Plus, your cat peeking out of it is just dang cute.

9. Necoichi Cat-headed Scratcher Bed in Limited Edition Chalkboard, $29.99

This bed is not only cat-head shaped, but also totally customizable with chalk. And it doubles as a scratching post. So many wins.

10. SofaForPets Mini Copy of Ikea Sofa, $190

Hilarious. Your cat's sofa can now match your own.

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