15 Curtain Colors That Go With Beige Walls

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Beige is a neutral color, reminiscent of light sand, that can evoke calm and relaxation in any room. Its warmth and versatility make it a popular choice in the world of interior design. Not only can it go with any aesthetic, but it will also pair well with just about any color — which can make it difficult to narrow down the choices when finalizing your palette. So where do you start?


Think of your beige walls as a blank slate, and imagine what you want the room to feel like. Also, consider what colors might work best with your decor style. The function of your space can also be a factor — you might want to go dark and moody in the bedroom, and living and airy in the living space. Either way, curtains are a quick and easy way to bring color into your home. Lindye Galloway, founder and creative director of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, says, "With beige being a neutral color, opt for a complementary shade that will enhance the room's overall feeling. For example, I often use gray and tan colors for a soft, layered look and black and olive green hues for added interest and contrast in spaces with beige walls."

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In addition to the color of your window treatments, it's also important to consider what type of curtains would work best in your space.

Curtain Styles to Consider for Beige Walls

When selecting the type of curtains for your space, the two most important questions to ask yourself are: ​How much privacy do I need?​ and ​How much light do I want to let into the room?​ These answers will help make the decision a little easier. Let's go over the main styles to choose from:


  • Opaque or Blackout:​ With this particular style of drapery, the curtain panels are lined so they will block out the most light and give you the most privacy. This makes them great for bedrooms or nurseries.
  • Semi-Opaque:​ As the name suggests, this curtain style will block out some light but not all. The fabric usually isn't lined, so the thinner the fabric and the lighter the color, the more light will flow through. Even though light will come through, these curtains will still provide you with ample privacy. This style works well in living spaces.
  • Sheers:​ This curtain style provides very little privacy and will allow the most light shine through. Oftentimes, homeowners will opt to use sheers in combination with blackout or semi-opaque curtains so they can control the amount of light they let into their space.
  • Cafe Curtains:​ You've probably seen cafe curtains used in kitchens above the sink or in bathrooms. This charming option covers the lower half of the window, leaving the upper portion uncovered.


Now, it's time for the fun stuff. Scroll ahead for some of our favorite color combinations.


15 Curtain Colors That Go With Beige Walls

1. Cream

For a light and airy tonal approach, pair beige walls with cream curtains à la this dining room by Avenue Design Studio. The light wood ceiling and matching wood furniture brings out the warm undertones present in the two neutral colors. The result is an elegant and serene setup that will make dinner parties that much cozier.


2. Greige

A mix of gray and beige, the color greige will also result in a tone-on-tone look, as witnessed in this living room by Amber Interior Design. The greige curtains offer the slightest bit of contrast, while keeping the space light and airy. With neutral furniture picks like a cozy bouclé lounge chair, the space feels effortlessly elevated and welcoming.


3. Forest Green

If you prefer a color scheme with a bit more contrast, but don't want to go with anything too bright, consider dark green curtains. Casey from The DIY Playbook did just that in this living room, and the end result looks beautifully balanced. The verdant hue nods to the great outdoors and adds a hint of drama, while the area rug ties the whole scheme together.



4. White

If you want subtle contrast, you don't have to select a darker color. In fact, you can go the opposite direction and pair beige with white. In this living room by Pure Salt Interiors, beige walls and white curtains are the picture-perfect match. The adjacent white cabinets and beige pieces of home decor (like the pillows, coffee table ottoman, and throw) mirror the neutral color scheme while a navy blue area rug grounds the light and airy space.


5. Light Gray

While high ceilings are a plus in any home, sometimes they can cause interiors to feel like a cold and uninviting void. That is where your color palette will come into play — with the right scheme, your space can still feel warm and welcoming. For example, in this dining room by Studio McGee, beige wallpaper with a subtle pattern adds visual interest to an otherwise large blank wall, while floor-to-ceiling gray curtains add depth and pull out the light gray design on the wall. Black accents — like the window trim, curtain rods, dining chairs, and artwork — punctuate the space and add a little extra contrast.


6. Navy Blue

In a bedroom with beige walls, dark blue curtains are a surefire way to add a pop of color. The contrast between them is pretty eye-catching and yet still calm and relaxing — perfect for a bedroom or a nursery. For example, in this cozy setup, the dark window treatments pack quite a punch, alleviating the need for much else in the way of decor. Here, the only other accents are a sweet mobile hanging above the crib, a tiny wall hanging, and a patterned rug topped with a faux sheepskin rug.



7. Yellow and White

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

While the curtains in this setup aren't totally yellow, the sunny pattern offers a pop of color that complements the beautiful stained-glass window ​and​ the warm undertones of the beige walls. The white sheer material allows loads of natural light to brighten up the space, while still providing a small amount of privacy.

8. Brown

We love the effect that the dark brown curtains have in this beige dining room by House Seven Design. The bold contrast rivals that of a black and white palette, yet doesn't feel as cold or stark. The chocolate-hued drapery pulls out the warm undertones of the beige wall paint, resulting in an earthy scheme that is the epitome of warm and inviting. The black table and fireplace surround amp up the moody drama even more.

9. Charcoal Gray

If you want a dark color option that isn't as severe as black curtains, charcoal gray is a great choice — especially when paired with beige walls. The warm-meets-cool color palette looks and feels perfectly balanced, as demonstrated in this living room design by Catherine Kwong. The dark gray sofa cushions plus throw pillows, and the neutral area rug, tie the entire room together seamlessly. The wood accents bring out the warm undertones of the wall paint.


10. Red

The red curtains in this dining room aren't for the faint of heart. However, if you're feeling brave, they'll inject a welcome dose of bright color and energy into your space, and the beige walls will ensure that the vibrant hue doesn't overwhelm. The pops of red in the area rug and the wall art echo the curtain color and add visual interest thanks in part to their intricate patterns.

11. Beige

A beige-on-beige color palette is hard to pull off, but this serene sanctuary makes it look easy. The earthy plaster wall finish, dried branches, and woven pendant add loads of texture and dimension, which keeps the monochrome beige scheme from looking flat. The linens, in a slightly lighter shade, provide a hint of contrast without interrupting the soothing design.

12. Light Blue

For a refreshing coastal vibe, consider light blue linen curtains. In this bedroom by LeStrange Living, the floor-to-ceiling drapes act as a stunning focal point. The light blue duvet cover mirrors the window treatments, while the wood furniture, ceiling beams, pendant light, and patterned area rug complement the warm undertones of the beige walls. The end result feels like a relaxing escape that could rival any beach-chic resort.

13. Sage Green

The contrast between sage green and beige is a breath of fresh of air in this darling nursery by Studio McGee. The subtle pattern of the beige wallpaper and matching wainscoting below it add quiet texture and visual interest without interrupting the calming scheme. The woven pendant light and upholstered rocker provide additional warmth, while the layered rugs add a cozy softness — they also happen to make an ideal spot for tummy time.

14. Lilac

While purple might not be top of mind when selecting curtains for your space, this bedroom by Creative Tonic proves that it should be. Here, lilac drapes and beige walls make an idyllic pair — the pastel hue provides a gentle pop of color and contrast while the warm walls temper the cool shade. A few thoughtful pieces of home decor complete the sophisticated scheme.

15. Terra Cotta

Going for a boho or desert-inspired look? Then you can't go wrong with a warm color like terra cotta. In this bedroom by The Blushing Bungalow, the burnt orange curtains look right at home. A blue area rug and lush greenery give the space an additional boost of color, but thanks to the beige walls and light furniture, the vibrant palette feels energizing instead of overbearing.

Best Curtain Colors to Pair With Beige Walls

When the base color of your palette is a versatile neutral such as beige, your options are seemingly endless when shopping for curtains. It really all comes down to personal preference. What decor style strikes your fancy? What mood are you trying to evoke? What is the space used for — entertaining or sleeping? All of these factors might help you narrow down your decision.

Additionally, don't forget to consider the undertones that are present in your beige wall paint. The color of your window treatments can either emphasize those hues or make them less noticeable. The lighting in your space (both natural and artificial) can also affect the way certain colors will look. Your best bet is to get a fabric sample before you make a final decision. This will help you visualize how your curtains will look alongside your beige walls. And remember, curtains are something that you can quickly and easily swap if you change your mind down the road.

Here's a quick reminder of some of our favorite curtain colors to pair with beige walls:

  • Cream
  • Greige
  • Forest green
  • White
  • Light gray
  • Navy blue
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Charcoal gray
  • Red
  • Beige
  • Light blue
  • Sage green
  • Purple
  • Terra cotta



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