The Most Enviable College Dorm Wall Decor to Score on Amazon

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Blank walls and minimal furniture make college dorms the perfect canvas for creative expression. And getting a high-end look doesn't have to come at a high cost. We rounded up the most design-forward versions of classic college wall decor that are also ultra-lightweight and both easy to hang and remove. Keep scrolling to create the budget-friendly and editor-approved dorm of your dreams.


Best Tapestry

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Tapestries are great because they're affordable, lightweight, and cover a large amount of wall space. Unfortunately, most of them feel kind of dated. This version, however, is current and fresh. It comes in two sizes and three designs: two in cool tones and the other in warm.

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Best Prints

These four Matisse-inspired unframed prints are easily the coolest dorm posters we've ever seen. Featuring bright colors and minimalist designs, the art can be arranged together in a variety of formations or hung all around the room.

Best Photo Display

Share and enjoy your memories with this lightweight photo display. Simply attach the pictures to the twine cords using the provided closed pins for a crafty look that's a new and easy take on framed photos.


Best Twinkle Lights

You simply can't go wrong with twinkle lights. These particular string lights can be bent, shaped, and hung in any formation. It's also a practical addition to your space that provides subtle illumination and, of course, the ultimate chill vibes.


Best Macramé Wall Hangings

Elevate your dorm room with this trio of boho hangings. They can be attached to the wall with self-adhesive hooks that are easy to hang and even easier to remove.

Best Collage Kit

Take your space to the next level with this set of small vintage-inspired posters. They're super affordable and allow you to DIY your room just the way you like it. They would also look quite cute mixed in with polaroids of family and friends.



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