8 Dorm Room Light Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

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Lighting sets the mood in any space — ​especially​ in a small room. With tons of options to choose from (some that you may not have even known existed), you can light up your little abode in style.


Get creative with these eight unique ways to add some brightness and personality to your dorm. From neon signs to mood-lifting light sources, this is the all-in-one guide to illuminating your sacred space.

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1. Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom lamps are trending right now and we're so here for it. Their artsy, clean silhouette is the eye candy you and your guests won't be able to get enough of.

Our pick​: Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp, $99

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Between the healing properties, soft light, and unquestionably good vibes produced by this salt lamp, it's sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.


Our pick​: Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp, $12.14

3. String Lights

String lights are the modern dorm room essential totally worth the hype. Pro tip: Opt for a unique play on this classic look. The unique, blooming lights on this option from Pottery Barn add some funk to this timeless style.



Our pick​: Pottery Barn Teen Starburst String Lights, $49

4. Neon Signs

Neon signs come in all shapes and sizes and are often super affordable. Whether you choose a sign with words or one with pictures, express yourself with this fun little light source that doubles as wall art.


Our pick​: Urban Outfitters Heart Neon Sign, $69

5. Happy Lights

Heading to school in a gloomy spot? This is about to be your saving grace. The bright white light provides all the benefits of sunshine — minus the outdoors. This HappyLight comes in marble and gold, letting you choose the style that best fits your space (or mood).


Our pick​: Verilux HappyLight Luxe LED Lamp, $69.99

6. Ambient Lights

Set the mood with a blend of colors illuminating your space. We are obsessed with the Hue lights, as they offer 16 million colors to choose from and can be placed literally anywhere in your living space.



Our pick​: Philips Hue Play White & Multicolor Ambiance Smart LED Bar Light (pack of 2), $149.99

7. Sunset Lights

Feel at peace at any hour. Create the perfect sunset anywhere, anytime. The sunset lamps, which garnered viral attention on Twitter and TikTok, add the perfect amount of subtle light to your space.


Our pick​: Shein LED Sunset Light, $9

8. Light Boxes

We are game for any sort of DIY situation. Create an infinite number of words and phrases, illuminated by this sleek, color-changing light-up box.

Our pick​: My Cinema Color Changing Lightbox, $29.99



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