8 Gorgeous Mushroom Lamps at Every Price Point

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Whether you use your Instagram to find and shop new brands or just to see what your friends are up to, chances are you've spotted a few mushroom lamps lately. The mushroom-shaped, '70s-inspired lamps are gracing the bedside tables of everyone from your sister to your favorite influencer. If there were a Lisa Says Gah! of the home decor world, it would be this lamp.


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So, if after countless link clicks and saves to your home-inspo bookmark folder, you're finally ready to add it to your cart, we're here to help. We're rounding up our favorite mushroom lamps at each price point. If you're convinced this is just another trend soon to be replaced (but kind of still want in while it's hot) we've found lamps whose prices won't make you regret your buy. And if you see the mushroom lamp as a piece of art here to stay, we found mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind options for you too.

These are the best mushroom lamps at every price point.

1. Honey & Ivy MOOSHIE Table Lamp, $29.99

Not quite ready to drop big bucks on your bedside lamp? We understand and have an option for you. This mushroom lamp from Etsy shop Honey & Ivy is under $30 but still gives you '70s colors, unique shaping, and a subtle glow. Because this option is on the lower end, the materials might not be as high quality as some of the more expensive options, but this MOOSHIE lamp is the perfect entry point for anyone still unsure how the mushroom lamp with fit into their home.

2. UO Little Glass Table Lamp, $39.99

While Urban Outfitters' clothing section tends to lean Gen Z, when its home decor tackles trends, the selection is often more refined and adult-friendly. This mushroom lamp comes in three colors: white, lavender, and gold. All three options are neutral enough to match most spaces, but the gold lamp — our personal favorite — offers a softer glow compared to the other two. This lamp has 58 reviews and a 4.7 rating. (The people have spoken!)


3. EQ3 pinkie Table Lamp, $71.99

If your style is a little more modern, the Pinkie Table Lamp from EQ3 is perfect for you. The lamp comes in one color, a vibrant white. The slight lean to the lamp adds a level of interest without making it too kitschy for a modernist. It's quirky meets sterile and the result is something unique but still up to date.

4. UO Ansel Table Lamp, $89

Also from Urban Outfitters but slightly pricier is the Ansel Table Lamp, which has stripes and splotches of colored glass circling to the top — it's completely mesmerizing. It's a piece you'll want to pass down to kids who will pass it down to their kids who will believe grandma got this piece from a fantastic glassblower with the initials UO.

5. Leighton Street 1970's Mushroom Lamp, $107

The trend is vintage inspired, so why not just go vintage. Etsy has a number of options to choose from when it comes to vintage mushroom lamps, but this lamp from Leighton Street really caught our eye. The price isn't outrageous for the product — a quick browse lets you know going vintage isn't always cheap — and the colors of this lamp are truly unique. This is a centerpiece with a story (which is kind of the best kind).


6. Setago Portable Table Lamp, $179

The MoMA Design Store is a great place to go when you're looking for something unique but still stylish — and this mushroom lamp finds a happy medium. The solid base is classic and sure to go with any bedroom or office, while the mushroomed top plays into the whimsicalness of the trend.

7. CristalleriaMurano Mushroom Lamp in Murano Glass $210.87

While the Urban Outfitters' Ansel Lamp might offer a hand-crafted look, these lamps — designed in Italy by "the Murano masters" — are truly one-of-a-kind. These artists offer their lamps in seven colors and two sizes. Start small and after every house guest ever compliments the bedside lamp, return for the large.

8. FLOS Bellhop Rechargeable Table Lamp, $295

While the appeal is clear when looking at this stunning piece, the selling point is actually the lack of a cord. Even the most glamorous lamp can become cheapened by an extension cord stretched across the bedroom. This option avoids the eyesore and gives you the opportunity to place this lamp wherever you see fit — not just a spot by an outlet. Pick your color (there are six to choose from) and then pick your spot. There are no limits to this rechargeable lamp.