20 Paint Colors That Go With Brown Granite

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Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials because of its durability and functionality. The stone material is resistant to everything — burning, cutting, scratching, etc. Patterned brown granite has the added appeal of being able to hide imperfections well, making it especially common in rental homes.


But just because these countertops are practical doesn't mean they can't be beautiful, too. Brown granite comes in many different shades and stone patterns, most of them quite versatile. This leaves you with a ton of options for the rest of your kitchen color scheme.

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"Color trends are shifting within the home and warmer colors are becoming more popular," says Ashley Banbury, interior designer and senior color designer at Dutch Boy Paints. "Varying shades of warm neutrals like brown are being incorporated back into the home, emulating cozy comfort and serving as a grounding accent in spaces like a kitchen. Kitchen counter trends are being influenced by this temperature change and brown countertops are being introduced back into the home."

When it comes to deciding what color paint to pair with your brown granite, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first and biggest aspect to consider is the palette of your stone. Speckled granite contains a range of shades that can provide you with inspiration for your walls, cabinetry, and trim. Also consider the amount of contrast you'd like. If you have light granite, you may either want to keep the whole room muted or go for dark paint for a striking look.


"When you're looking to coordinate colors with the brown granite, one trick to always use to create cohesion is matching the undertones in the space," Banbury says. "If the granite has a warm undertone, select accent colors that are warm. A great way to bring in brown granite is to highlight it on an island [and] then match the shade on the wall cabinets."

Read on for more color ideas for your brown granite counters.


20 Paint Colors for Brown Granite Countertops

1. Dutch Boy Native Copper

If you want an extra-inviting kitchen, choose a brown granite with warm undertones and pair it with a similarly toned paint, like Dutch Boy Native Copper. This neutral color provides a little more interest than white or gray, while also tying into the brown of the granite. You could easily pair this paint with dark or light stone, depending on the vibe you want in the kitchen.



2. Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Aqua Smoke

Pittsburgh Paints & Stains' Aqua Smoke is an elevated shade of gray. It has a tinge of green to it to make the room feel a little more comforting and earthy. Green always pairs well with brown because of their shared earthiness, but a soft shade like this one will keep your kitchen feeling mellower than a brighter option would.


3. Valspar Tulip Pink

Shades of light pink, like Valspar Tulip Pink, pair nicely with chocolate brown granite. Plus, light pink works well in a variety of design styles, from vintage to modern. While a bolder pink might be loud beside patterned granite, a softer hue is chic and easy on the eyes.


4. Dutch Boy Comforting Neutral

You can't go wrong with neutrals in your kitchen. A wall color like Dutch Boy Comforting Neutral will complement whatever brown granite you have, while also highlighting its color variation. This pairing can work well in a kitchen that's more modern and sparsely decorated.



5. Sherwin-Williams Azure Tide

If you have a brown granite with a bit of blue speckle, a shade like Sherwin-Williams Azure Tide will complement it perfectly. A bold blue will work well with dark brown granite and dark cabinets, provided your room receives enough natural light. Conversely, this hue can be brightened up by a softer shade of granite.


6. Kilz Francesca

Using a rust red paint like Kilz Francesca can evoke the feeling of a brick wall without any actual bricks. This color, in combination with brown granite, will create an earthy atmosphere. Keep the rest of the accents in the room minimal for a modern look or layer natural materials like a jute rug and handmade pottery for a more rustic kitchen.


7. Benjamin Moore Topsoil

Another green option is Benjamin Moore Topsoil, a dark, dramatic shade that will make a light brown granite countertop pop. You could even use it for just the kitchen island and paint the cabinets and walls a more neutral color, like greige or taupe.


8. Glidden Cracker Bitz

Because Glidden Cracker Bitz is such a warm color, take extra care to examine the undertones of your countertops. While pairing brown with similar shades might seem like a no-brainer, warm paint next to cool-toned granite (and vice versa) could look like a mismatch. With the right stone, however, this mellow beige could have you on your way to a soothing desert kitchen.

9. Drew Barrymore Flower Home Terracotta Coral

If you have a Spanish-style home with a terra cotta roof, why not continue the theme in the kitchen with Drew Barrymore Flower Home Terracotta Coral paint? This warm shade will complement light brown granite, especially those that feature yellow or pink speckles. It would also make for the perfect accent wall if you don't want to use it for your whole kitchen.

10. Clare Pink Sky

For something just a touch lighter and more pink, try Clare Pink Sky. The undertone of this paint is red rather than orange, which gives it a whole different vibe. And if you love houseplants or have an indoor herb garden, it will make those complementary greens pop.


11. Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Pewter Mug

While it's difficult to find a true gray with no undertones, Pittsburgh Paints & Stains' Pewter Mug is about as close as it gets. It'll fade into the background against your light or mid-brown granite countertops. This is one way to do a neutral kitchen without going monochrome.

12. Valspar Champagne Tickle

Sunny yellow kitchens are always welcome, especially if you live somewhere with a warm climate year round. Valspar Champagne Tickle can bring the light inside and play off the warm undertones in your brown granite. Even if you have a brown with cooler undertones, this subdued yellow will contrast beautifully with it, creating a well-balanced color scheme.

13. Clare Cosmic Vibes

Keep your kitchen on the cool side with Clare Cosmic Vibes. The dark slate gray has an industrial feel to it, which you can play up with distressed wood and metal accents. You could also go monochrome, using this shade for the cabinets and a lighter gray for the walls.

14. Sherwin-Williams Sky High

For a coastal vibe, try a pale blue like Sherwin-Williams Sky High. The blue-green shade provides brightness and cheer — making you feel like you can step out onto the sand, even if you're nowhere near the beach. A light color like this one can also create the illusion of extra space in a small kitchen.

15. Sherwin-Williams Fawn Brindle

If you want a neutral that's a little warmer than gray, try Sherwin-Williams Fawn Brindle. This versatile shade of greige will blend right into many brown granites, creating a cohesive kitchen design. From there, you'll be free to add color through accents like appliances and towels.

16. Drew Barrymore Flower Home Bold Blue

If you love entertaining and consider your kitchen the center of your home, give it a bold makeover and treat it like the star it is. You can begin with Drew Barrymore Flower Home Bold Blue. This saturated blue will be the focal point of the room, allowing the brown granite to play a secondary role. Tie it all together with sophisticated gold accents.

17. Glidden Little Lamb

For an off-white with some warmth, try Glidden Little Lamb. This gentle color will create a neutral canvas without the starkness of a true white, allowing it to blend more naturally with any shade of brown granite countertop. Imagine easing into your day with a cup of coffee in this soothing kitchen.

18. Benjamin Moore Wales Green

Another bold option is a pale yellow-green like Benjamin Moore Wales Green. Though this may seem like a loud color we can imagine it for a set of kitchen cabinets, sandwiching a bright white backsplash. The color combination will look fun and confident while still being easy on the eyes.

19. Kilz Fresh Citrus

One last bold option is Kilz Fresh Citrus. The warm yellow shade will surely pop, so it's meant for a home that's not afraid of color. We recommend it for light to mid-range browns, only because it's orange enough that, if paired with a brown too close to black, it might feel a bit like Halloween.

20. Valspar Winter Dawn

You can never go wrong with white paint. A cool shade like Valspar Winter Dawn would play the perfect best friend to your brown granite countertops. White cabinets and walls will create a quiet backdrop, letting the counters shine.

Pros & Cons of Brown Granite Countertops

As with any design element, brown granite countertops have both benefits and drawbacks to consider.


  • Wide variety of color patterns to choose from
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Heat-resistant
  • Hides stains and imperfections


  • Can be pricey
  • While brown is a neutral shade, it's not always the easiest color to decorate with
  • Fewer color options than laminate or tile, since granite is a natural stone

Paint Colors That Go With Brown Granite Countertops

Because brown is such a neutral shade, it works in a wide variety of color schemes. You'll find the best matches by paying attention to undertones and the range of shades present in your granite of choice. Also consider how you'd like to incorporate color — do you want to use the same paint for your walls and cabinets, for example, or have more variation? Are you looking for high contrast or a more subdued palette?

Here are some of the best paint colors for brown granite countertops:

  • Dutch Boy Native Copper
  • Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Aqua Smoke
  • Valspar Tulip Pink
  • Dutch Boy Comforting Neutral
  • Sherwin-Williams Azure Tide
  • Kilz Francesca
  • Benjamin Moore Topsoil
  • Glidden Cracker Bitz
  • Drew Barrymore Flower Home Terracotta Coral
  • Clare Pink Sky
  • Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Pewter Mug
  • Valspar Warm Summer
  • Clare Cosmic Vibes
  • Sherwin-Williams Sky High
  • Sherwin-Williams Fawn Brindle
  • Drew Barrymore Flower Home Bold Blue
  • Glidden Little Lamb
  • Benjamin Moore Wales Green
  • Kilz Fresh Citrus
  • Valspar Winter Dawn



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