6 Kids' Nightstands on Amazon With Storage and Style

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Nightstands are essential for bedside convenience, and whether they're holding your water, reading material, or annoyingly loud alarm clock, we think they should look good in the process. And that's no different for children's rooms. As you're well aware, kids have a lot of stuff. Like ​a lot​ of stuff. But many of their rooms tend to be on the smaller side.


With this in mind, we rounded up thoughtfully designed, compact bedside tables that crush it in the storage department. Each one also has an aesthetic we think both you and your little ones will love. From bright colored tables to neutral nightstands that double as bookshelves, here are the six best models to buy on Amazon.

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Best Bedside Shelf

If you're trying to save every last inch of space for playtime, a shelf attached to the side of your child's bed may very well be the answer. It's also the perfect solution for a child on the top bunk since it can easily suspend from the upper portion of the bed frame.

Best Upholstered Nightstand

This innovative nightstand is a smart fix for harsh wooden corners. It's also super sturdy, offers tons of storage for its size, and won't take up too much space in the bedroom thanks to its petite frame.

Best Bookshelf-Nightstand Combination

Take versatility to a new level with this two-in-one product. While other nightstands may fit just a handful of books, this small bookshelf fits dozens. If your child no longer wishes to use it as a nightstand, it makes a perfectly good shelf on its own and will fit nearly anywhere. Plus, it would look just as cute with small knick-knacks and memorabilia.


Best Budget Buy

The best kind of budget buy is one that doesn't look anywhere close to a budget buy. This minimalist, Scandi number is just as cool-looking as it is affordable. The material is super lightweight and comes in three ultra-chic color combinations. It would look great on its own or with a matching model on the other side of the bed.


Best Assortment of Colors

Wave goodbye to one or two wood stain options — this piece offers 10. The nightstand's traditional style adds a sophisticated touch to even your child's most vibrant color choices. Plus, there are three natural wood stains and black and white options if you're feeling the classics.


Best Overall Nightstand

You simply can't go wrong with this bedside table. Select between white, black, or vintage gray finishes — an option for every space. The sleek and simple silhouette is modern yet timeless. Plus, the price point is certainly something to write home about.



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