How to Decorate a Bedroom With Slanted Walls: 16 Tips and Ideas

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Whether you have an attic or a few rooms with slanted ceilings throughout your home, you undoubtedly understand that these spaces can be an interior design challenge. For now, maybe you're just using these rooms for storage, or perhaps you are just overlooking them completely. Well, we're here to tell you that you can actually put these sloped spaces to work as bedrooms and make them look beautiful in the process.


If you're dealing with a sloped ceiling and angled walls, decorating ideas can be difficult to execute at times. The unique design automatically makes the room feel smaller. You can say goodbye to tall furniture; instead, you'll need to meticulously measure your furnishings so they don't hit the ceiling or wall. Also, how do you incorporate artwork if you don't have flat walls? How about drapery?

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As it turns out, there are benefits to styling bedrooms with slanted walls. The architecture is unique and far from boring. Plus, it offers a cozy and snug element that can sometimes get lost in lofty spaces. When it comes to decorating a room with angled walls, the key is to think outside the box. Get creative. Most importantly, instead of trying to ignore or work around the sloped ceiling, embrace it.


These 16 design ideas will inspire you to finally transform that awkward space into a comfortable bedroom that everyone will love.

How to Decorate a Bedroom With Slanted Walls: 16 Tips and Ideas

1. Choose a canopy-style bed.

If you have a sloped ceiling, the space may understandably look and feel very small, but that's where design magic comes in. A canopy bed, if it's able to fit (that's why it's important to measure), creates the illusion of a taller room, drawing the eye upward. It's a charming touch in this setup styled by House Seven Design.


Artwork can be a real challenge in any small space, especially in a bedroom with slanted walls. Instead, focus on creating a petite gallery wall. In the case of this charming refuge crafted by Jenna Sue Design Co., artwork casually leans on top of the wainscoting behind the bed. The art acts as a visual focal point instead of leaving this sloped wall empty.



3. Opt for bright white decor.

In a small room, furniture in a dark color can quickly overwhelm the space. For your slanted bedroom design, be sure to select pieces showcasing a neutral color, preferably airy white. An ivory nightstand like the one seen in this sanctuary belonging to At Home With Ashley instantly brightens up the space and makes it appear larger than it actually is.


4. Replace drapery with shades.

One surefire way to open up a teeny-tiny bedroom is with the right window treatments, particularly one with slanted walls. All that natural light will make the room seem bigger, not to mention it's a lovely way to spotlight your decor. With a bed doubling as a window seat, forget about drapery panels or blinds and opt for a simple shade like Katie of Red House West did to reveal as much natural light as possible.


5. Consider a single pendant light.

In a small bedroom with sloped walls, perhaps in a converted attic, it's important to choose the right lighting. Floor lamps will take up too much space, for example. That's why it can be helpful to go with a pendant light instead, which is minimal, will draw the eye upward to create the illusion of height, and won't use any valuable floor space. That's how Lindsay from Pinch of Yum punctuated the vaulted ceilings in this serene bedroom.



6. Hang a couple of houseplants.

When you're designing around sloped walls, you of course have very limited space. That means there won't be a ton of room for home decor, like the houseplants you love to include in every room of the house. While you may not be able to use plant stands, you can creatively hang greenery from a slanted ceiling à la this space by Sarah of She Holds Dearly. Bonus: The decorating idea will add a pop of color and the illusion of height.


7. Include wooden beams.

If you want to create additional visual interest with your sloped ceiling, look no further than wooden beams. They'll add just enough visual interest, and since they're small, they won't take up any extra room. We love the tiny wood beams and matching chandelier spotted in this bedroom styled by Catherine and Bryan of Beginning in the Middle.


8. Paint the ceiling.

You might be scratching your head as you try to brainstorm ways to make a small room with slanted walls look larger. That's when a painted ceiling can help, preferably in white — a hue that's guaranteed to make the space look more open. At least that's what Brooke of Nesting With Grace chose to do in this cozy remodel. The design choice really brightened things up and made the bedroom feel a bit larger than it is.


9. Turn to shiplap.

Shiplap is a classic home run in any space, but it works especially well in a room with slanted walls since it doesn't take up any real estate yet still acts as a pretty design touch. We love the top-to-bottom paneling in this room created by Sherry of Design Indulgence.

10. Install a skylight.

Want to maximize the natural light coming into your bedroom with slanted walls? Invest in a skylight! In addition to being a great way to view the night sky, all that sunlight will make the room seem more open, and it will coax the eye upward and away from the small space. Sure, the feature will add to the budget, but the end result will be well worth it, as proven by this idyllic bedroom belonging to Eva of Adventures in Cooking.

11. Use graded shelves.

You may think that you can't have bookshelves in a bedroom with a sloped ceiling. Not true! As an alternative, include custom graded shelving, meaning the shelves will go ​with​ the slope and get shorter at different heights. Let this design by Casework show you how it's done.


12. Consider wallpaper.

You may believe that wallpaper is a no-go in your small, sloped bedroom, but you'd be wrong. In fact, it's an excellent way to weave in a few bright colors without overpowering the entire space. Patterned wallpaper can create an anchoring effect in an otherwise all-white, petite setup, as seen in this design crafted by Alison of Deuce Cities Henhouse.

13. Hang a tapestry.

A tapestry is another way to draw the eye upward in a bedroom with slanted walls. Measuring carefully, you can select one that will fill your sloped wall space, instantly creating a cool design moment. The wall decor in this moody refuge by Natasha Habermann looks positively dreamy and makes the ceiling height seem taller.

14. Create an accent wall.

What to do with that random-shaped wall? Make the most of it and turn it into an accent wall! It will also add visual interest without using precious square footage. For example, Annie of Most Lovely Things opted for a well-loved wood plank accent wall in this attic makeover complete with beds and a seating area.

15. Stick with a light-colored ceiling.

Are you going with white walls for your sloped bedroom design? Be sure to take that color to the ceiling, too. Paint in a light shade, like white, has a way of making small rooms seem larger, as demonstrated in this tranquil makeover by Rebecca of R&R at Home.

16. Embrace the angled shape.

When it comes down to it, the key to designing a space with angled walls is to work with the unique architecture, not against it. For instance, if you have a sloped ceiling like the one in this bedroom belonging to Annie of Champagne Chaos, challenge yourself to a DIY project. Here, the painted trim and cane headboard mimic the shape of the wall and provide loads of visual interest and texture.



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