30 Clever Ways to Hang Plants — From DIY to Store-Bought

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Welcome to Plant Week: Our guide to all things indoor plants, including tips for beginners, advice on care, and tons of plant-spo.

Houseplants bring life into any space, and that's a fact. Whether you aspire to grow leafy greenery in your home or are a self-proclaimed plant lover, all indoor foliage has something in common: planters. Besides playing an integral part in any plant's survival, pots provide a visually pleasing touch to any room, doubling as home decor.


While you can always place your planters on the floor or a shelf, we're big fans of the hanging variety. The elevated position makes it easier to water your plants, not to mention, it frees up valuable floor space (which is especially handy if you have a small abode). Hanging planters also add to the eye-level decor in your home — instead of simply placing plants on a shelf, you can add flair to an empty corner, punctuate a gallery wall, or add some visual interest to an otherwise bare spot toward your ceiling. Plus, they help reinforce the style of your space, from modern to boho.

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With a wide variety of options to choose from — ranging in finishes and materials such as jute, leather, wood, rope, beads, metal, and more — you'll be able to find the perfect piece to round out your space. And bonus: Hanging planters can be purchased or made by hand with the help of seemingly endless DIY projects. Regardless of the route you prefer, here are 30 stylish options that are worth considering.


15 Clever DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

1. DIY Painted Hanging Planters

Joanna of Jojotastic provides this tutorial to create an artistic plant display. Show off your painting skills and punctuate a few pots with acrylic paint — the rope is further decorated using large wooden beads. It's a fun and easy way to add a pop of color to a contemporary or bohemian space. And the small pots are ideal for a philodendron or fern.


2. DIY Hanging Hoop Planter

While a wall planter is certainly a modern way to display a houseplant these days, there's another cool, minimalist option that you can consider. This DIY planter is crafted by Mandi of Vintage Revivals. Made using floral hoops, IKEA planters, wire, leather, chain, and spray paint, this gem is sure to be an eye-catching addition in a kitchen, bedroom, or office, especially when paired with a white wall. A string of pearls succulent looks positively radiant in this planter.



3. DIY Scandi-Inspired Hanging Planter

Perhaps you'd like to take your home decor in a Scandinavian direction. In that case, you'll want to see this tutorial by Alice & Lois. Hanging plants, particularly ones that trail down like philodendrons or ivy, look ideal between two embroidered hoops. While this hanging planter will look beautiful in a Scandi setup, it would be just as stunning in contemporary or minimalist spaces, too.


4. DIY Copper Hanging Planter

Maybe you prefer your houseplants served with a side of luster. In that case, look no further than this tutorial from Laurel of A Bubbly Life. She used a simple copper bowl, along with a white leather cord, and voilà! Now you have a chic planter that any trailing succulent would be lucky to call home.


5. DIY Wood Charger Hanging Planter

For something that's part hanging planter, part plant stand, look to this how-to by Hunker contributor Carrie Waller. Bringing bohemian or rustic flair to any living room, it further exemplifies the many creative ways that you can display plants in your house. You'll start with a wooden charger, then craft the rest using fishing line and macrame beads while putting your skills with a drill to the test. Carrie chose a lemon maranta prayer plant as the perfect finishing touch.



6. DIY Macrame Hanging Planters

Macrame plant hangers were all the rage back in the '70s, and they're still going strong today. While you could score vintage versions from a flea market or Facebook Marketplace, try making them yourself with this tutorial from Lisa of Farmhouse on Boone. The steps are made for macrame beginners, using jute to create the look. Hang a few in the corner of a boho living room while showcasing a philodendron or two.


7. DIY Rustic Hanging Planter

If you're searching for something natural to add to a rustic scene, you're in luck with this charming DIY project. Get out your drill and gather up the supplies — which include a log slice, sisal rope, wooden ring, and small planter. It's perfect for filling an empty corner and you'll be able to show off small foliage, like ZZ plants or pilea.


8. DIY Crochet Hanging Planter

It's time to get out your crochet needles. This tutorial from Caitlin and Manda of The Merrythought will take you through the basics. You'll need some yarn, of course, along with cotton cord. It would be just the cutest little touch to a cozy farmhouse bedroom, and any succulent would be able to live in this planter comfortably.


9. DIY Tiered Hanging Planters

Have you been dreaming of an indoor garden? You're not alone, and Teri of The Lovely Drawer has the perfect solution. This inventive hanging planter idea has a well-loved look that's flawless for any vintage-inspired space, thanks to worn flower pots and cotton rope. The tiers lend themselves to a small herb garden that could be kept in your kitchen. And bonus: Don't worry about adding drainage trays under the upper plants, since they can just drip onto the plants below.

10. DIY Beaded Hanging Planter

You won't need to string any beads to make this piece of bohemian decor! Dreamed up by Mandi of Vintage Revivals, you'll need two strands of beaded garland, along with a brass floral hoop, to make this hanging planter. Rest assured that it will lend a touch of warmth and style to an otherwise standard philodendron.

11. DIY Hanging Bundt Pan Planters

Who knew that colorful Bundt pans could be used as hanging planters? Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth came up with the great idea to transform these bygone pieces of cookware, using a fine silver cable chain and spray paint. We can just imagine the colorful hanging planters in a midcentury kitchen displaying an assortment of succulents.


12. DIY Hexagon Hanging Planter

For a twist on traditional wood hanging planters, Justina Blakeney went with a hexagon shape. Using none other than a bird feeder and a bit of chain, she hung this planter in a shower, but we're convinced it'll work in any modern space. And since it's wide, you could plant a mini garden — look to plants with shallow roots like ferns, pothos, and aloe.

13. DIY Outdoor Hanging Planter

Maybe you'd prefer to make a hanging planter for your outdoor living space. As an alternative to a trellis, craft this tiered number instead using a tutorial from Medina of Grillo Designs. All you need are three rectangular planters, rope, and a handful of brackets. The finished result will look spot-on in a modern outdoor space and will look even better after you plant some geraniums.

14. DIY Colorful Hanging Planters

It only took Brittni of Paper & Stitch a whopping $5 to whip up each of these vibrant planters. She picked them up from the Dollar Spot at Target, painted them with a flat finish paint, and used rope to hang them up. The colorful pots will undoubtedly add a kaleidoscopic element to any interior, acting as a piece of wall decor, too. We think your snake plant just found a new home.

15. DIY Wood Hanging Planter

For something simple and classic that can settle right into a rustic or farmhouse space, turn to this tutorial from Angela Marie Made. It'll require you to do some woodworking (a drill, brad nailer, and miter saw, oh my!), but the blogger makes the steps easy, even for a novice. Plant something that will trail down, such as a golden pothos, for a really stunning effect.

15 Striking Store-Bought Hanging Planter Ideas

If you like the idea of a handmade look and feel, but don't actually want to craft anything yourself, consider these plant hangers from the macrame artists over at Yerbamala Designs. They are available at West Elm in several color options (seen just at the top and underneath the planter) and are the perfect way to add personality to your space. Display several of them together to create an entire hanging garden.

This earthy bowl from Bloomscape will complement the serene vibe in your home while cradling your favorite air plants. It's sure to look its very best in modern or minimalist spaces. Plus, it's weatherproof, so you can hang it inside or outside.

For something that feels a bit rustic, or even industrial, ponder this metal hanging pot from Terrain. Geared toward indoor or sheltered outdoor use, the planter is rendered in aged metal, offering a vintage vibe. You'll want to go with a small houseplant, like an asparagus fern, for this pot.

Keep your greenery feeling right at home with this tree-inspired hanging planter from Wayfair, made for rustic or even farmhouse spaces. Showcasing a wood slice and timeless jute, this design will be able to accommodate more than one planter, as long as they're small. Think: teeny plants like baby tears or donkey's tail.

If your space leans more modern, then this beauty from Umbra is calling your name. With clean lines and a fun silhouette, your leafy greens will be the highlight of the room. Be sure to punctuate the design with a houseplant that presents equally clean lines, like a snake plant.

For a touch of earthenware to add to a bohemian or modern farmhouse design, you can't go wrong with this Joss & Main hanging planter. We love the two-tone, textured ceramic finish and think it'll look even better with the help of a "moonshine" sansevieria.

Terra cotta has been around for thousands of years and still looks stylish today. It's even made its way over to CB2 in the form of a large hanging outdoor planter. Displaying a textured design, this bowl is hung using heavy jute rope. It's sure to work in any bohemian space, and it'll serve as a cool backdrop for cacti.

Hanging baskets have been popular since the 1970s, and today, they're still the surest way to make houseplants look more bohemian. This one, from Urban Outfitters, is particularly striking with its hoop detailing. Go big and bold with your foliage selection — a spider plant should fit the bill.

If you have a lot of plants, you're going to need more space than your average hanging planter gives you. Invest in this Urban Outfitters shelf so that all your green friends have enough room to show off their natural beauty. Just be sure to keep your plant choices small, like succulents, cacti, or diminutive ferns.

Add an easy pop of color to a contemporary space with this hanging planter available at West Elm. The soothing red hue will draw the eye without distracting from the rest of your home decor. Additionally, it is the perfect size for a small houseplant, such as a silver dollar or Chinese money plant.

Tiered planters mean double the plants, which is perfect if you're living in a small apartment. Add a dose of positivity with this fun set from Anthropologie and inspire smiles whenever someone walks into your house. Consider filling these vibrant planters with ivy or a maidenhair fern for a picture-perfect touch.

Bad luck with plants? It's okay, we know you're trying — and need you to meet this cute little planter from Target that will also water your plants for you. Now you can enjoy lush greenery, from African violets to peace lilies, in your contemporary space and not stress out over their well-being.

Want to add a boho, free-spirited touch to your space? Pick up this macrame hanging planter from Nordstrom Rack. The weaving is subtle yet stylish and it won't detract from visually impactful foliage, like a large succulent.

This weather-resistant hanging planter courtesy of Perigold will be the finishing touch you've been searching for in your modern outdoor space. Available in on-trend neutrals like black, rust, and weathered stone, it's a geometric look that's sure to turn heads. Consider pairing this beauty with flowers or trailing plants like ivy.

If you're not afraid of color, we highly recommend these artistic planters from Holistic Habitat. Displaying gorgeous hues inspired by the desert, they'd make an idyllic home for your mini cacti. The wire hangers and S-hooks are included, so all you need is a wood dowel to complete the look.



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