Search No More: 16 Planters with Drainage, from Bold to Minimal

clay planter with small plant
credit: Trouva

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The journey of a newbie plant parent starts with being okay with what you don't know. Yes, there is in fact much more to keeping your plant alive than just watering it once in a while and saying "oh, hey" to it every other day.

For starters, how you water your plant matters a lot. Not just the frequency, but the way that the water interacts with your chosen planter. Drainage holes, though not an obvious feature at first, can make a big difference. They prevent standing water from attracting pests and can help root rot from happening. But not every planter comes with this important feature. And while you can drill your own, sometimes it's easier to just get a planter with a drainage hole already built in.

Behold, a few planters with drainage holes that caught our eye — from bold and bright to subtle and minimal:

striped planter with plant
credit: Jungalow

Here's the thing about Jungalow — it's always chock-full of bright hues and awesome patterns for the maximalist at heart. So it's no surprise that the shop's Kaya three-piece ceramic planters come in an array of quirky colors. You can even turn the base upside down to create a second planter.

yellow square planter with plant
credit: Etsy

Not a fan of the average round planter? Try out a square shape instead, like this bright and cheerful find. Perfect for setting alongside books or other decor items on a shelf.

clay planter with small plant
credit: Trouva

Sometimes you need to let the plant itself be the star of the show. Try a muted clay planter like this one and let the greenery take the spotlight.

textured planter
credit: Target

If you've got enough eclectic decor in your space but you want just a little bit of pattern, this textured planter might do just the trick. It's a great shape and can be incorporated into a range of design styles.

planter with face painted outside and plant inside
credit: Etsy

If you're the type of plant parent that likes to name each new addition to your space, go for a planter with personality. This planter with adorable little legs is sure to be a conversation starter.

concrete pot with plant inside
credit: Terrain

Concrete pots are a great look for outdoor plant set-ups. We love this pick because of its muted mustard hue.

striped ceramic planter
credit: The Sill

Simple yet stylish, this ceramic planter would be right at home with neutral shades or off-white hues. Or place it next to other striped decor items for an eye-catching ensemble.

pot with etched design and plant

Something about this etched planter immediately gives us outdoors-y vibes. Use it as the centerpiece for a space with mostly natural materials for a relaxing vibe.

black geometric planter
credit: West Elm

If black-and-white minimalism is your preferred aesthetic, this vase will fit right into your space. We love the sharp edges and futuristic look of this gem.

striped planter
credit: Target

Add a little visual interest without clashing too much with your current decor thanks to this thinly-striped vase. Opalhouse continues making cute finds for the home and this delicate little planter is no exception.

small zig zag planter
credit: Mimi Ceramics

Portland-based Mica DeMarquez creates beautiful handmade ceramic pieces, like this zig zag planter. Perfect for adding a little pizzazz while still sticking to an earthy, minimalist style.

Folia Collective inspires us to take better care of our beautiful plants, so it only made sense to include a planter from the shop. This lovely planter would look great in a minimal, modern home.

three clay planters with saucers
credit: Terrain

For a rustic and farmhouse-inspired look, consider these clay planters with hints of pastel. Perfect for outdoor plants that greet your visitors before they even enter your space.

planter with legs and face
credit: Rami Kim

We could spend half a day browsing through the artistic creations of Rami Kim. This planter with legs and a strange little face is for lovers of bold decor and huge gallery walls.

planter with multicolored sprinkle pattern
credit: O-M Ceramics

Los Angeles-based O-M Ceramics consistently debuts unique and playful pieces. This planter with a sprinkle-inspired pattern is for the plant parent who doesn't take decor rules too seriously.

blue planter with saucer
credit: West Elm

Trying to create a sense of relaxation? This blue planter would be right at home in a little plant nook where you can unwind at the end of the day.

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