The 10 Best Places to Find Unique and Stylish Planters

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As much as we love a standard planter, sometimes we want to spice up our greenery with fun designs, especially outdoors. That's where unique planters come in.


According to the pros, design-forward plant containers can completely change up your home. "A unique planter can really add personality and flair to your outdoor space," Julie Gallegos, landscape designer and design expert at Yardzen, tells Hunker. "I love a good conversation piece as long as it doesn't show up the plant itself!"

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To help you find unique pots and planters, we've rounded up the best places to shop (and what to consider when buying one) below.


The Best Places to Buy Unique Planters

Terrain is your one-stop shop for all things gardening and outdoors with a supply of everything from classic terracotta pots to weathered vintage-style finds. Not only can you find indoor and outdoor planters, but you can also shop by size, shape, and material.


Our pick:Terrain Fiber Waves Planter, $798

2. Etsy

The home of all things handmade, unique, and simply adorable, Etsy is the perfect spot to find a planter that's anything but ordinary.


Our pick:Object Lover 7.5-Inch Wiggle Planter, $55

3. CB2

CB2 has no shortage of stylish planters, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. According to Gallegos, it's a go-to for designs that are sculptural, but let the plants shine.



Our pick:CB2 Mosi Cast Aluminum Indoor/Outdoor Planter, $249

Williams Sonoma Home only has a handful of outdoor planter collections, but we guarantee you'll love each one. From vintage-looking pieces inspired by papier mâché to handcrafted, textured terracotta designs, any pick will be a major upgrade to your outdoor space.


Our pick:Williams Sonoma Home Maris Planters, $300-$825

If you're looking for more of a modern vibe, Design Within Reach is the way to go. The retailer has a selection of both indoor and outdoor planters to make any space pop with unique shapes and vibrant colors.


Our pick:Design Within Reach Zig Zag Planter, $260

The luxe sister brand of Wayfair, Perigold has undeniably chic pots and planters, including geometric head planters, plant stands, and more.



Our pick:Vondom Adan Resin Statue Planter, $85-$1,623

World Market's selection of trendy, boho-style decor isn't only reserved for the indoors. The brand also has plenty of options, including pedestal planters, plant stands, and more.


Our pick:World Market All Weather Wicker And Cement Mikka Outdoor Planter, $69.99-$99.99

8. Amazon

If you needed another reason to shop at Amazon, add fun and unique planters to the list. Whether you have a small succulent or large fiddle leaf fig, there's something on Amazon that will match it perfectly.


Our pick:Gohearin Ceramic Planters (set of 2), $31.99

9. Target

Target has everything you need, and sometimes, things you never knew you needed, including stunning and eclectic planters to add a playful touch to your outdoor space.


Our pick:Opalhouse Designed With Jungalow Indoor/Outdoor Stoneware Planter (Small), $30

Best known for its midcentury modern furniture and decor, West Elm is also a great place to buy unique plant pots and planters for a sleek and modern feel.

Our pick:West Elm Origami Indoor/Outdoor Planters, $259

What to Consider When Buying Unique Planters

When shopping for unique planters, there are several things to consider, including climate, drainage holes, planter size, soil volume, type of plant, and, of course, design.


Where you live plays an important role in what kind of planter to choose. "If you live in a very hot climate, or your planters are in direct sun for most of the day, avoid materials like metal that can get too hot and overheat plants," Gallegos says. "Instead, opt for materials like clay, terracotta, or wood."

And if you live in a place that experiences cold weather, be on the lookout for frost-proof options, Blythe Yost, co-founder and chief landscape architect at online landscape design company Tilly, says.

"Not all planters can be left outdoors indefinitely," Yost says. "Be sure to look for those labeled 'frost proof' if you live in a cold region and intend to leave your planters out all season."



For both indoor and outdoor planters, finding options with drainage holes is a must. "Having a drainage hole is key to having happy plants in your planters," Yost says. "If you don't have a drainage hole, your plants can get rot out because they will be sitting in water."

Planter Size and Soil Volume

There are a few reasons to keep an eye out for the planter size and soil volume. According to Gallegos, planters can already be heavy on their own without soil, so once it's planted, it can be tough (if not almost impossible) to move.

Additionally, bigger planters can also potentially retain more moisture due to more soil being used, Yost says. Since larger or deeper planters tend to dry out more slowly, excess water can potentially affect the health of the roots and not allow the plant to breathe properly.

Type of Plant

Some kinds of plants are better suited for unique planters. "For oddly shaped planters, I recommend working with annual plants outside, or indoor plants that may tolerate a little rough handling," Gallegos says. "Just remember that if it's hard to get into the vessel with your hands or a trowel, it may be difficult to repot the plant later without damaging its roots."


If you're on the hunt for unique planters, design is most likely top of mind already. But you can use what you already have in your yard to decide what kind of planter to get.

"To help keep the overall design of your outdoor space cohesive, try to choose planters that borrow colors or textures from other elements in your landscaping – whether it's sampling a color from the flowers in an adjacent garden or borrowing a warm tone from your outdoor furniture," Gallegos recommends.

How to Style Unique Planters

As for styling your planters, Yost has a few tips that will elevate your space even more.

  • Group planters together:​ "For a formal entrance think about two symmetrical planters flanking the door or less formal groups of threes on a back patio," Yost says.
  • Utilize different sizes:​ Mixing and matching various sizes can add more visual interest to your outdoor space.
  • Be mindful of colors, but have fun with shapes:​ We love an eclectic look, but too many colors can clash. However, Yost recommends opting for a blend of styles — think round planters, tall planters, and more — in a similar color palette.



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