How to Fill a Tall Planter

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The bigger the planter, the more it takes to fill.

Tall garden planters can decorate a large space or serve as a focal point for several smaller plants. Plus, you can move these planters from place to place, and even from outside to inside as the weather changes. Tall planters, however, require a large amount of potting soil to fill completely. Not only does this make for an expensive project, but results in a planter perhaps too heavy to move at all. There are alternate ways to fill your planter without spending too much or straining your back.


Step 1

Check your planter for a drainage hole at the bottom. If none, make one with a drill.

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Step 2

Fill the bottom half of the planter with space savers instead of potting soil. This will save on soil, use less water and make the planter lighter. Make filler from any available materials, such as packing peanuts or pop bottles or cans. If you use bottles, make sure to keep the lids on. Cans can be whole or crushed, depending on how many you have and how much space you need to fill.


Step 3

Separate the filler from the soil with a layer of newspaper, cheesecloth or landscaping fabric.

Step 4

Add potting soil to the planter, leaving a few inches at the top. The type of soil you use is up to you, but the ones with added fertilizers save you from having to add that later.


Step 5

Plant your plants. If you plan to use a mixture of plants, use three different heights to make the finished product look full and attractive. Plant the tallest of the plants at the back of the planter and use a cascading, spiller plant around the front edge. Fill in the middle with a mid-height filler plant. Choose three plants with the same light and water requirements.

Step 6

Add more potting soil around the plants if needed and water according to instructions.



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