How to Organize Clothing So That You Can Easily Find Your Faves, Right Down to the Socks

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Looking for tips on how to organize clothes? We're not going to pretend that getting down and dirty in your wardrobe is the most fun job in the world, but don't you always feel better after sorting it out? From life-altering bedroom organization ideas to DIY closet recommendations, we're spilling all our secrets. Time to channel Marie Kondo and get your clothes in order.


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1. Find the right kind of closet.

A good workman should never blame his tools, but honestly, if you don't have a great closet to work with, organizing clothes becomes a lot harder. The right wardrobe will help keep clothing in check and save your chairs from becoming a breeding ground for odd socks. Try these closet design ideas for further inspiration, and don't forget to take a look at our storage tips for small closets, too.


2. Create a custom storage system.

Ever heard the phrase "it's what's on the inside that counts?" Never has a truer word been spoken when it comes to your closet — a good storage system goes a long way. While hiring an interior designer to create a custom walk-in might be the ultimate dream, there is a way you can transform your closet all by yourself — just think practically. Use rails and shelving to create a specialized storage system that works.


3. Use closet organizing tools to make the most of the space.

In addition to the standard storage options for your clothes, there are a number of inexpensive tools to help you maximize the organization. From shelf dividers to handbag hangers and drawer baskets, here are the best closet organizers for under $30 that should absolutely be on your wishlist.


4. Group like with like.

This is a quick tip from the organization professionals: Group your clothes together — shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts, etc. That way you know exactly where to head at all times. Arrange by color for bonus points in the organization inner circle.


5. Store accessories and shoes separately.

There's nothing worse than having accessories floating around your wardrobe, so remember to organize them, too. Use the backs of doors and drawers to host your sunglasses collection, and remember to keep the prime real estate rule in mind. If you carry a bag or wear a pair of shoes all the time, for example, don't store it in the back of your closet.


6. Invest in a dresser.

Clothing items like t-shirts and jeans don't necessarily belong in a wardrobe, so invest in a dresser (or try out this IKEA dresser hack). Master the Marie Kondo folding roll and, presto — your clothes storage space will stretch a lot further.


7. Make use of storage boxes.

Still not sure how to organize clothes? Try making "Hikidashi" boxes that will allow you to experience the magic of tidying up. All you need is an assortment of empty boxes, wrapping paper, and our DIY tutorial. Then you can pop accessories and basic clothing items in each compartment, and life will get a lot more joyful.


8. Tuck away anything you don't need.

If you're struggling for closet space, get seasonal with your clothing. When summer hits, pack away your winter wear in containers or vacuum-packed bags, and vice versa when the temperature drops. Think about what's functional for the season ahead of time, and don't waste space with pieces you won't reach for often.


9. Display your favorite clothing items.

We also recommend creating a space that's solely for your favorites. Turn your prized items into wearable art, and display them! Our DIY copper clothing stand can help you get started, but these ideas for displaying special wardrobe pieces are worth a look, too.


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