10 Food Storage Containers You'll Want To Have On Hand for the Holidays, and Always

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Sure, you can cobble together mismatched or ill-fitting food containers — most of which are the ghosts of takeout orders past — but arming yourself with superlative options for all of your leftover and food prep needs will make cooking and clean-up more efficient and enjoyable. And while it might seem like overkill to stock up on an assortment of food storage containers, not all options are created equal: Some are better suited for liquids, others protect against freezer burn, others are ideal for stashing everyday pantry items, and others are just a pretty face, making them a nice addition to your kitchen countertops.


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When looking at food storage containers, assess your needs: Is your pantry overrun with store-bought bags of dry goods? You'll want to decant those in sizable containers — add individual spoons to each vessel for the ultimate convenience. Do you cook in batches and freeze in advance? Make sure you have plenty of freezer-friendly storage to lock in freshness. And for everyday meal prep and storage needs, tempered glass is easy to clean, stackable, and long-lasting. Also, remember to look for airtight lids.

Ready to overhaul your food storage containers? Check out these 10 options before you shop.

Looking to store food without taking up a lot of room? Silicone bags are relatively new to the food storage scene and these Lékué leakproof bags lay flat, maximizing precious refrigerator and freezer real estate.

These aptly named simple storage containers by Hawkins New York combine elegance and functionality for versatile kitchen organization that you won't want to hide. The slim lid is available in three wood tones that will complement any countertop without visual distraction.

Add a rustic sensibility to your kitchen by selecting food storage containers made from stoneware. These Scandi-inspired ceramic jars from West Elm are available in four neutral colors and will keep everyday items, from coffee to flour, within arms reach.


Food storage containers made of tempered glass are preferred for their strength and ability to remain stain-free even after storing hard-to-clean foods like tomato sauce. Anchor Hocking created containers with compression lids that render them spill-proof and help improve food preservation. They're also food-, dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe.

For cooks who take meal prep seriously, meet the Prepdeck — an all-in-one food prep storage solution with an impressive 15 containers, 45 tools, and features including an integrated foldout cutting board. This innovative storage and organization idea will keep countertops tidy and help decrease cook time. Win-win!

Keep on-the-go food fresh with these stylish tiffins from Onyx. Perfectly sized for a party of one or two, the tiered system keeps food separate in an easy-to-carry stackable system.

It's hard to beat the convenience of a microwave, so food storage containers, made of BPA-free polypropylene, that you can heat up directly from the fridge are indispensable. These beauties from Mepal come in four sizes, 10 colorways, and feature a see-through lid for easy food identification. Bonus: Their good looks make them table-ready.


Sure, there are many food storage containers that come with wood lids, but few are made for refrigeration. These beauties from Crate and Barrel feature a pyrex base and acacia lids fitted with a silicone gasket for extra freshness.

OXO Good Grips has built a loyal following for delivering high-quality, hardworking kitchen essentials. This trio of large-capacity, BPA-free plastic containers comes with individual attachable cups, an airtight seal, and a pop-up button lid making them ideal for storing and easily measuring pantry staples.

Storing liquids poses its own set of challenges. However, you can store soups, sauces, stews in perfectly sized personal 2-cup portions thanks to these Souper Cubes freezer trays. A clear plastic lid lets you peer inside, keeps freezer burn, spills, and odors at bay, and facilitates easy stacking.


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