These Amazon Bento Boxes Are Perfect for Meal Prep

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The traditional Japanese bento box has a way of making packing lunch feel effortless, making them popular among parents and anyone who wants an easy solution to prepping meals. By finding your perfect fit bento box, you can potentially compact your lunch in a food container that is BPA-free, dishwater safe, microwave safe, and reusable.


We rounded up the best bento boxes on Amazon so you can ditch your standard lunch box and store your meals in style.

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Best Overall

The Original Japanese Bento Box combines the beauty of a traditional bento lunch box with unparalleled functionality. Its minimalist style gives you both function and fashion, as you utilize your multi-sectioned bento box every afternoon. This dual-layer, air-tight, reusable lunch container is leakproof, BPA-free, easy to wash, and microwave safe.

Best for Kids

The traditional bento lunch box gets a kid-friendly upgrade. Five compartments make organizing and portioning out lunch easy, while the leakproof technology ensures your kids can keep their backpacks clean. The entire bento box is BPA-free, durable, and reusable, making it good for the Earth and great for nurturing your kids' healthy appetites.


Best Stainless Steel

Pack a waste-free lunch in this well-organized stainless steel bento box. It holds six cups of food, is completely reusable, and is BPA-free. The snap secure makes it leakproof, even if you're on the go to picnics, school, work, or travel destinations.


Best Traditional

Looking for something traditional as opposed to a modern take on the bento lunch box? This reusable bento box has an adorable print, stackable compartments, a nesting organizational structure, and ideal spaces for portion control. Keep in mind that it is handwash only, but you can rest assured that your lunch container is only made of food-safe plastic.


Best Budget

Love the idea of a bento lunch box, but want something a little less expensive? This lunch container has easy locking clips, an airtight seal, and portion control compartments. It's BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it great for back-to-school or housing leftovers from dinner. Remove the lid, and it's also microwave safe.


Best Wood Style

Nothing quite matches the elegance and sleekness of a traditional wood bento box. Made from jujube wood, this BPA-free, reusable lunch container is easy-to-clean and ideal for tight storage. Use it for school, camping trips, work, or travel as the size makes it versatile for a variety of on-the-go lunch needs. The four-part design makes this Amazon bento lunch box perfect for eating well and packing multiple types of food in the same container.



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