8 Food Storage Items to Help Your Food Stay Fresh Longer

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We can't count how many times our food has gone to waste in the fridge. But the key to making your food last longer is storing it properly. Whether you want to make your produce or leftovers last, we rounded up eight of our favorite food storage items to help keep your food stay fresh, below.


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1. Prepara Herb Savor Pod 2.0 (set of 3), $25.45

Keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks with these Prepara pods. The sleek, compact design makes them perfect for storing in fridge doors.


2. Bee's Wrap Sustainable and Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps, $18.99

These eco-friendly food wraps are a plastic-free way to store your food and keep them fresh longer. You can also use them to cover your bowl or plate of leftovers.


3. Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 14-Piece Food Container Set, $36.25

Make your leftovers last with Rubbermaid's airtight, leak-proof containers.


4. Debbie Meyer GreenBags, $9.88

Debbie Meyer GreenBags are designed to help your fruits, veggies, or fresh cut flowers last longer and can be reused up to eight or 10 times. All you have to do is keep the bag as dry as possible and wipe out any additional moisture.


5. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jar (set of 6), $19.99

By putting cut veggies like celery and carrots in mason jars filled with water, you can keep them fresh and crisp for at least a week.


6. Dualplex Fruit and Veggie Life Extender Fridge Liner, $11.25

Dualplex's fridge liners are made with an anti-mold material to help prevent fruits and veggies from spoiling, bruising, and more.


7. Marley's Monsters Organic UNpaper Towels, $20

Hear us out — a kitchen towel can actually help extend the life of your produce. You can simply wrap items like greens in a kitchen towel after washing them and store them in the fridge, whereas they may be more susceptible to rotting faster in sealed plastic bags.

8. OXO POP 8-Piece Baking Container Set, $59.99

These airtight, stackable containers can keep your pantry organized and baking ingredients fresh.