Why You Should Never Store Cucumbers in Their Packaging

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It's cucumber season, people. So whether you're growing them yourself and have an abundance or you just keep forgetting one in the back of your fridge, we're here to help make sure they last for weeks because food waste sucks! Lucky for us, chef and recipe developer Kathleen Ashmore made a TikTok video explaining how to store your cucumbers to make sure they stay crunchy and fresh for longer.


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Step one: Take the cucumbers out of the packaging they came in. Most veggies are shipped in some sort of plastic for convenience and protection, but "the way that produce is transported is often not the way the produce should be stored," explains the chef.


Step two: Rinse and dry your cucumbers. Just because they came in packaging and look clean doesn't mean they don't have a little grime on them. If you want to take things a step further, mix a little baking soda into a bowl of water to rinse off any lingering pesticides.

Step three: Create the perfect environment. Since cucumbers are filled with water, soaking up any excess moisture is important to keep them crisp. Grab a plastic or silicone bag and fully line it with paper towels. Then, place the cucumbers inside the little "sleeping bag" you just created, seal it, and toss it in the fridge to enjoy later. Happy munching!



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