How to Properly Store Mushrooms, According to a Mushroom Farmer

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With grocery prices higher than ever, we're avoiding food waste at all costs this summer. Why toss hard-earned dollars down the garbage disposal when you could spend them on late-night food trucks and breezy linen sheets, right? That's why today we're talking about the best way to store one of our favorite but most temperamental veggies: the humble mushroom.


No matter the variety, mushrooms have a way of becoming slimy and gross after just a couple of days in the fridge. Thankfully, chef and creator Kathleen Ashmore tapped a mushroom farmer for the easiest trick to help your shrooms last over a week.

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All you need is one thing, and it costs less than a few cents: a paper bag! Simply remove your mushrooms from their packaging, give them a rinse, and pat them dry. Then, toss the veggies into your paper bag and roll it closed. Moisture is your biggest enemy when it comes to mushrooms, but the paper bag will absorb any condensation and keep them fresh for days.


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