This Crouton Substitution Is Actually Genius

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Croutons are almost always the highlight of a salad. The crunch, the flavor ... need we say more? But what if you're fresh out of traditional croutons? Or maybe you're looking to switch things up a bit? (Because no matter how tasty they are, even croutons can get stale — no pun intended.) Enter: the humble potato chip.


Chef Carolina Gelen is full of innovative ideas, and their most recent food discovery may be our favorite one of all. In the creator's simple green salad, they substitute potato chips for croutons. Their chip of choice? Sea salt and vinegar. "It's perfect ... crunchy, salty, sour ... think about it!"

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While you may get a crouton on your fork every two or three bites of a traditional salad, the broken-up chips will perfectly coat each piece of lettuce, ensuring every single bite is packed full of flavor and crispiness. And bonus: It's a great way to clean out your pantry. We're feeling pretty darn chip-per after learning about this lunch upgrade. (Sorry, we had to.)


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