What Is Vodka Butter? It Will Change How You Cook

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Adding alcoholic flair to baked goods, milkshakes, and any other food concoction is a time-honored way of bringing a kick to your meal. Chef Carolina Gelen is all about this flavor (and fun) hack, recently sharing a TikTok that shows how they makes vodka butter.


Gelen's process for concoting the vodka butter is as simple as combining the two ingredients in a food processor to blend them together. After mixed, the consistency of the butter is creamy and smooth, as they spoon it out in yummy-looking blobs. "It has the perfect kick from the vodka," they say, "and comes together in less than five minutes."

Video of the Day

So, what's the best pairing for vodka butter? Gelen recommends using it with fish, specifically salty anchovies. In their video, they open a few cans of anchovies and cut up some fresh bread that they then toss into the oven. Once toasted, they spread the vodka butter onto the slices before adding an anchovy to each along with fresh lemon zest and pepper. However, you can also cook with it, as Gelen demonstrates with their iconic beans alla vodka.

"Cheers!" they offer at the end of the video, just before taking a vodka-butter-filled bite. It's easy, it's unique, and it's sure to be that all-important social lubricant at the table to make your dinner party a memorable one.



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