How to Make Ted Lasso's Shortbread Biscuits, Just in Time for Season 2

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As self-proclaimed foodies, one of our favorite parts of pop culture is pining over the delicious food in television and movies. Sound familiar? Well, if you watch the show ​Ted Lasso​ — and are looking for a way to celebrate the start of the second season — you'll want to clear your baking schedule, stat.


In a mouthwatering blog post, Aki and Meg at Salt Harvest Creatives share a recipe for Ted Lasso's beloved shortbread biscuits. According to the post, the recipe is for a "scrumptious, buttery biscuit similar to Scottish shortbread, a surprisingly easy-to-make cookie."

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What's more, the recipe calls for just six basic ingredients, including all-purpose flour and butter. It also requires almond flour, but if you have an almond allergy, brown rice flour is an excellent substitute, according to a commenter on the post.

As for the taste? People who have tried the recipe have nothing but positive feedback. One user said, "This recipe is super easy and results in a very buttery treat and excellent accompaniment to your coffee or tea." Another commenter shared that they sprinkled the biscuits with brown sugar after taking them out the oven, which was inspired by a scene from the show.


To help complete your homemade Ted-inspired biscuits, Salt Harvest Creatives also has a free download and DIY for Ted's pink biscuit box. And, if you're a visual person, they also created a video to accompany the biscuit recipe. You can check out the video tutorial on YouTube here.

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If you can't get enough of pop culture-inspired food, check out Binging with Babish and Feast of Fiction. Both channels offer hundreds of videos featuring recipes inspired by television, movies, and books.



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