This Citrus Slushie Is the Perfect Drink to Cap off the Summer

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There has been no shortage of summer recipes this year — each one better than the next. First, there was the viral tomato toast, followed by the dreamy cloud smoothie, and finally the delicious lemon zest lemonade. Now, a new drink has entered the chat — and it may be even more refreshing than the others.


TikToker @bearenger shared a recent creation that they call a citrus slushie. (Our mouths are already watering.) The drink is pretty easy to make too, as you would make it in a similar fashion to how you would make any other smoothie.

Video of the Day

First, the creator slices up some fresh citrus. From the video, it looks like they use orange and lemon. After peeling off the skin, the fruits are cut up into chucks and placed on a sheet pan that goes right into the freezer. Once the fruit is frozen, you're ready to begin making the actual drink.

The frozen fruit gets added to a blender along with some ice and maple syrup for sweetness. They then add some cayenne pepper for spice and water to help the blending process. The result is a stunning citrus smoothie that the creator adds to a mason jar and eats with a spoon. You can even add a shot of your favorite alcohol for a boozy party drink.

Other TikTok users were loving the idea. One wrote, "Love this!!!" while another added, "You had us at citrus slushie."


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