These Are the 7 Best Reusable Grocery Bags to Buy on Amazon

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We're constantly looking for ways to lessen our negative impact on the environment, and reusable grocery bags are one of the easiest first steps to take. Keep them in your trunk or folded in your purse and say goodbye to disposable paper and plastic bags once and for all. Not only are reusable bags an eco-friendly choice, but they're also much sturdier and easier to carry than their one-time-use alternatives. From insulated bags to stylish totes, keep scrolling for seven Amazon picks we swear by.


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Best French Market Bags

Transport to 1970s Paris with a trio of these mesh tote bags. We love that they're nearly pocket-sized, but still able to hold up to 40 pounds of groceries. Shopping for food never looked chicer.

Best Canvas Shopping Bags

You can't go wrong with a canvas tote. Each one of these sturdy bags has six bottle sleeves to eliminate the worry of broken glass. You'll get the most bang for your buck when you purchase this set of three, but you can also buy them in sets of two or as singular bags.


Best Budget Buy

Everyone needs these bags in their life. Foldable, waterproof, and machine washable, these totes are convenience at its finest. They come with a zippered pouch to store all your bags when you're not using them and you can score them in packs of 10, 12, and even 20.


Best Splurge

Sold in a wide variety of patterns and colors, these iconic nylon totes from BAGGU are pure eye candy. And since they're crafted from 100% ripstop nylon, the quality is simply unmatched.

Best Mesh Produce Bags

Think reusable grocery bags stop at totes? Well, think again. This set of 15 mesh drawstring pouches is the perfect substitute for plastic produce bags. They come in three sizes to accommodate all your fruits, veggies, and fresh herbs.


Best Insulated Bags

Triple-layer thermal insulation fabric keeps your food warm or cool, making it ideal for frozen groceries, produce, and hot food items. Plus, these bags can be used in place of a traditional cooler.

Best Heavy-Duty Bags

Crafted from a high-grade, durable, water-resistant, thick PP-woven material, these flat-bottom bags are made to last. The hard bottom will keep your groceries upright, supported, and easy to organize in your trunk.