9 Stylish Compost Bins at Amazon for Under $25

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If you aren't already hip to the benefits of composting, then now's the time to smarten up. Along with cutting down food waste (which can eventually end up in a landfill and produce hazardous greenhouse gasses), composting food scraps such as fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, and eggshells allows you to create a nutrient-rich soil that will help your plants grow faster and stronger, and increase their water-holding capacity.


Interested in starting a compost pile at home but don't have access to an outdoor area? No worries. Pint-sized indoor compost bins are affordable and easy to come by. From sleek stainless steel styles to colorful models and more, here are nine stylish compost bins for under $25 that you can order with ease at Amazon.

For a simple but reliable compost bin that's suitable for everyday use, consider this contoured cutie. Designed with a rotating handle for easy transport, this compact compost bin features a removable lid that flips up for goof-proof filling and emptying.

A little versatility can go a long way when selecting a compost bin for a small kitchen. This lime green lidded compost bin comes with a hook that allows it to be hung from the inside of a kitchen cabinet as well as an adhesive pad for mounting onto a wall or cupboard.

If you thought there was no such thing as a sophisticated compost bin for under $20, then think again. This sleek stunner is composed of premium, rust-resistant stainless steel and boasts a built-in carrying handle to boot.


For a clean-lined compost bin that's designed to slide over the door under your kitchen sink, look no further than this model by Fine Living. Made with a sliding cover that keeps fruit flies and pesky odors at bay, this petite bin can hold over a gallon and a half of food scraps without taking up an inch of precious countertop space.

A chic compost container in a bold color can make a decorative statement on your kitchen countertop. This bright red stainless steel compost bin comes complete with an activated charcoal filter that absorbs and traps odors — so you won't have to hide it under the sink.

A pretty pink compost bin can brighten up your kitchen while providing a place for tossing food scraps. This blush food waste receptacle is designed with an easy-to-grip carrying handle and clip-locking lid for concealing odors.

For a pint-sized compost bin that you won't mind showing off on your countertop, consider this decorative style. Composed of heavy-duty, white-finished stainless steel, this stylish item features a copper carrying handle and detailing for an added dash of oomph.


The only thing better than a good-looking compost bin is one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Designed with an airtight lid and a replaceable activated-charcoal filter for odor-control, this top-rated stainless steel contraption can hold several days worth of food scraps and is chic enough to display in plain sight.

A cute compost bin that attaches to a cabinet door can be a game changer when cooking. This baby blue beauty comes with a hook and clipboard that allows it to hang from a cabinet or drawer so you can quickly dispose of compostable food scraps while prepping your meals.


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