7 Popular Behr Paint Colors That Immediately Caught Our Attention

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Here at Hunker, we fully understand the power of paint. From kitchen cabinets to accent walls to bathroom vanities, paint is a quick, easy, and affordable way to transform a space and punch up the color palette.


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You might be looking at the dizzying array of hues and brands out there and wonder where you should start. Let us direct you to Behr's extensive array of paint colors. Earlier this year, they released the Behr 2020 Color Trends, brimming with classic, saturated shades, one of which includes their 2020 Color of the Year: the verdant and gorgeous hue, aptly named, Back to Nature.

We've pulled from the various shades on that list to show you how they really look. Here are seven interiors that beautifully showcase the most popular Behr paint colors around.

1. Cider Spice

Towing the line between terra cotta and earthy pink, Cider Spice is a completely on-trend choice for an accent wall. It looks particularly amazing on a single wall in this dining room, designed by Kate and Joey of Mr. Kate.

2. Graphic Charcoal

Several Behr paint colors work beautifully as exterior hues. We're partial to shades of gray and other dark colors for home exteriors. We're especially loving Behr's Graphic Charcoal for this home belonging to Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere.

3. Back to Nature

Behr's Back to Nature is certainly a sought-after color right now among designers and homeowners. Although it looks stunning on walls of all kinds, we're also digging it as a furniture paint color. Rachel of Shades of Blue Interiors used the light green shade to refresh this bench, pairing it with other Behr paint colors like Painter's White and Ultra Pure White on the wall.


4. Light Drizzle

This is one of the most whispery-soft blueish-gray paint colors on the market. Looking exactly like its name, Light Drizzle, this quiet shade meshes effortlessly with Behr's Intergalactic on the barn door, choices that were made by Arin of Happily Inspired.

5. Red Pepper

Are you searching for a front door color that will make your entry pop? Look no further than Behr's Red Pepper, a spicy shade that's classic, yet bold, as seen on this front porch belonging to Alaya of Behind the Big Green Door.

6. Painter's White

Among Behr paint colors, you'll be hard-pressed to find something as timeless and neutral as Painter's White. It's a perfect pick for a variety of different design styles, but we think it's a flawless choice for farmhouse spaces, as proven in this living room created by Sarah of Dreaming of Homemaking.

7. Dragonfly

Dragonfly is one of those Behr paint colors that's oh-so-vibrant and feels as if it was directly inspired by the ocean. We think it would look lovely in pretty much any space, from living rooms to bathrooms to bedrooms. In this tranquil refuge styled by Amelie Mancini, it acts as the perfect backdrop for earthy, boho wall decor.