Behr's 2020 Color of the Year Is Here —and It's About to Set Some Major Trends

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. No, not The Holidays (although, sure, those are pretty nice). It's Behr's announcement of their Color of the Year, and as paint addicts, we're always eager to hear the latest in color trends.

So, without further ado, Behr's 2020 Color of the Year is: Back to Nature. It's what Behr calls a "restorative, meadow-inspired green." Think a light, yellow-ish green that isn't too harsh, but is still striking and impactful. It's perhaps no surprise that the selected shade is "meant to purify and promote balance at home," as decor has increasingly focused on wellness. It seems that now, more than ever, we're being extra thoughtful about how our personal spaces can inspire us to be happier, calmer, and more creative.

In creating this color, nature was on the brain of Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr (coolest job ever, btw). "Back To Nature encourages us to reengage with the natural world, which we know can have a real, positive impact on our well-being," Woelfel said in a press release.

The company also revealed its 2020 palette, a surprisingly diverse selection of 15 shades, which includes everything from neutrals to pretty pinks to earthy darks. Some of our favorites:

Charismatic, a friendly yellow.

Bubble Shell, a pink that almost borders on mauve.

Creamy Mushroom, a versatile greige.

Secret Meadow, a rich, forest-y green.

And Dragonfly (pictured here on the vanity), a blue-green that could almost feel pleasantly retro.

Itching to get started on your next project? All of Behr's new paints are available at your local Home Depot.

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