6 Paint Colors That Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

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Aside from increasing your home's visual appeal, painting before listing a property can also help it sell faster — and for more money. "A fresh coat of paint adds tremendous value to a home for sale," says agent Noemi Bitterman of Warburg Realty. After all, when a potential buyer enters a newly painted space, it can help them envision a fresh life there.


According to a 2021 Zillow survey, painting certain spaces in your home a specific color can add thousands of dollars to the final selling price. Plus, even the paint finish — whether it's gloss, matte, eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss — can make a difference.

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Not sure which color you should paint specific rooms in your home before listing it for sale? We asked a few real estate experts and collected research on which hues will make your home more attractive to buyers.

1. Creamy Neutrals

According to our experts, you can always count on a subdued, neutral paint palette to help your home sell faster. "We recommend a fresh coat of neutral paint before selling your home," says Corcoran agent Nicole Hechter. However, a neutral tone doesn't necessarily mean plain white. "A light beige or creamy off-white provides a perfect blank canvas for a new owner."


2. Bright Whites

Nothing makes a space feel fresh and new like a crisp coat of white paint. It's no surprise then that real estate experts says it's a fail-safe shade for any interior. "Bright white is appealing, versatile, and low risk," says agent Parisa M. Afkhami of Warburg Realty. "If your home lacks natural light, choose a more reflective white color to help brighten up the space." This is an especially great idea for the kitchen, per Zillow's study.


3. Soft Earth Tones

Not to be confused with creamy neutrals, soft earth-toned hues — think pale grays, dusty peaches, and light blues — can elevate the ambience of a space without overpowering it. "Light earth tones are soft, calming, and reflect light, while providing a subtle pop of color," says agent Allison Chiaramonte of Warburg Realty.



4. Dark Hues

Believe it or not, our experts say that when used correctly, dark walls can have a positive impact on potential buyers. "When there is little or no light or view in a room, I have often advised people to go with dark lacquered walls to create a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere, particularly in a smaller space such as a library or den," says Afkhami. In particular, Zillow recommends dark blue for a bedroom, since buyers would pay $1,491 more for it.


5. Deep Gray

If you're looking for a stylish paint color to play up a bedroom, then Hechter says to consider a rich shade of deep gray. "Bedrooms are for personal relaxation," she says. "A dark, contemplative gray creates a warm and comforting palette that will put potential buyers at ease." Zillow reports that this hue could also work in a living room, giving the space a quiet, peaceful energy.


6. Light Blue

According to Zillow's research, a light blue bathroom can make all the difference. Specifically, homebuyers revealed that they would pay 1.6% more for a powder room featuring light blue walls. That could amount to thousands of dollars.



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