Want to Set up a Cozy Nook? These Products Are a Must-Have

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We all long for that certain space at home where we can turn to when we need a little peace and harmony. Whether it's to read, journal, or just breathe, creating a cozy nook for yourself is a must. In a house or apartment that's big or small, there's always a place to create a little me time when you've had enough we time.


So chill out: We've got 10 of our must-have things to help you feel cozy and bring a little joy when you've sent yourself to the corner for a much-needed time out.

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1. Can You Candle It?

No nook would be complete without a scented candle. Do something good for yourself and the planet with one from P. F. Candle Company, whose collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free. Plus, the amber jar they come in gets bonus points for being simply chic.

Get the look: Golden Coast Candle by P. F. Candle Company, $28

2. Be Essential

Most essential oils are known to cause positive psychological benefits including calming stress. Put your favorite scent in a diffuser for an all around mood fix, like this one from Food52.


Get the look: Ekobo Bamboo and Wood Essential Oil Diffuser from Food52, $85

3. Wrap Yourself Up

When we hear the word cozy, we instantly want to wrap up in a blanket or throw. Norden Goods makes New Zealand wool and cotton blended blankets that are not only super soft, but super cool, too.



Get the look: Norden x Cody Hudson Enlightenment Wool Throw Blanket in Terracotta, $180

4. Be Well-Lit

If you're an avid reader, you'll need a light that keeps things easy on your eyes. This lamp from Rejuvenation not only has throwback style, but it also comes in six fierce finishes to fit into any nook look.


Get the look: Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp from Rejuvenation, $245

5. Give Lo-Fi a Try

Sure, we all love our Bluetooth speakers, but this lo-fi version from Lucy Michel will warm up your guided meditation apps or favorites tunes while you're chilling out.


Get the look: Lucy Michel Ceramics Lo-Fi Speaker from Individual Medley, $120

6. Make Peace

Add some objects to your space that have special meaning to you. Crystals, mementos, or a small ceramic piece that literally says peace like this one from Individual Medley will look great in your nook.



Get the look: Ceramic Peace Sign in White from Individual Medley, $70

7. Sit on It

Probably the most important part of your cozy nook includes a space to sit and sink right in. We're so ready to curl up into this lounge chair with a favorite book and doze off a little too fast. Sound familiar?


Get the look: Cooper Faux Sheepskin Lounge Chair from Urban Outfitters, $299

8. Get a Side Piece

You've got the perfect chair, now it's time to find the perfect end table. You'll want something with just enough surface to place the things that bring you the all the feels, like this natural tree trunk look. Do we see a DIY in your future?


Get the look: Natural Tree Trunk End Table from West Elm, $239.20

9. Just Journal

Journaling is a mindful practice that's shown to reduce stress and anxiety. And the cool part is how your journal can be anything you want it to be. We like this pretty one from The Social Type.


Get the look: Desert River Notebook from The Social Type, $12

10. Add Some Cushion

Nothing makes a chair, couch, bed, and even floor space more inviting than some throw pillows. It's the perfect way to add a pop of color and comfort. We love these cute cushions from Kip & Co that come in super cool shades.

Get the look: Velvet Pea Cushion from Yolk, $59



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