The IKEA Product You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Learning more about our zodiac signs (our sun or star signs, specifically) can be deeply insightful, giving us a chance to do some self-exploration. Plus, it can also be a lot of fun — especially when we imagine our zodiac sign paired with different foods, products, or, for this article specifically, IKEA products.


Now, it's time to discover which IKEA product you are, based on your zodiac sign.

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Product: Björkåsen Laptop Stand, $24.99


Aries are known for working hard and getting the job done — no matter where they are. So even when they're lounging on the couch, this stand allows them to keep on top of their to-do list. It's also perfect for that extra cup of coffee you might be drinking right now.


Product: Pax/Tyssedal Wardrobe Combination, $2,155.98


People with Taurus as their sun sign love the finer things in life and truly believe that you get what you pay for. Just take a look at some of the pieces in their wardrobe, which is what inspired this IKEA product pick. It's a luxurious wardrobe for someone who loves quality fashion.


Product: Symfonisk Wifi Bookshelf Speaker, $99



Since Geminis love the arts and exploring new mediums, we immediately thought of this speaker that doubles as a bookshelf. Now, you can create the best environment for reading, listening to music, or both at the same time.


Product: Fältmal Pillow/Quilt, $34.99


Cancers are known for loving their homes and like the crab that represents their sign, they prefer to stay inside their shell. For those introverted moments, this cozy pillow/blanket is ideal. Plus, if you're having an especially emotional day, you can curl up in this baby for some self-care time.


Product: Evedal Table Lamp, $159


If there's one zodiac sign that belongs in the spotlight, it's Leo, so we thought, "Why not give them their very own light to shine in?" We chose this particular light because it will stand out in any room (just like a Leo) and provide that elevated Scandinavian look.



Product: Sommardröm Rattan Backpack, $27.99


Virgos love a classic, simple activity like picnicking in the park with a healthy spread, and that's why we think this backpack would be great for you. It's like a picnic basket for the modern age, but it still retains that timeless spring style.


Product: Blomdoft Scented Candle in Sweet Pea, $4.99


When it comes to their space, Libras love to feel zen. To help with this, we selected a candle in a sweet, floral scent. We also love how the light pink color of this candle is soothing and that it comes with a decorative box you can use to store some keepsakes.


Product: Fulltalig Candlestick (set of three), $12.99



When looking for an IKEA product for scorpio, we aimed to find something sleek, romantic, and modern. Fortunately, we found just that in these candlesticks. They can fit in with a modern space or a room with more gothic vibes — the choice is all yours.


Product: Korsmon Memo Board With Clips, $14.99


Sagittarius, we know you've got countless photos and mementos from your favorite trips and adventures. Why not proudly display them on the wall, as a reminder of happy memories and travels to come? Let this be the inspiration board for your next journey.


Product: Entusiasm Tumbler (pack of four), $9.99

Capricorns are practical and wouldn't buy something they won't actually use. With this in mind, we chose this set of drinking tumblers in a classic blue and white palette. These are wonderful for a small gathering with the friends and family members you hold dear.



Product: Begåvning Glass Dome With Base, $14.99

Aquarius is a sign that's unafraid to be different, to have eclectic taste. So, for displaying your most interesting collectibles and decor pieces, we chose this glass dome. If you buy a few of them, you could even pretend you're a botanist or mad scientist.


Product: Fredön Hammock, $40

As an imaginative zodiac sign, Pisces, you need to give yourself room to breathe and think. What would be better for that than a hammock? You could also design a cute outdoor space around it — one that's perfect for allowing your imagination to run wild.



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