8 Adorable Neon Signs That Will Brighten Up Your Dorm Room

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Neon signage is definitely having a moment in dorm room decor. And why shouldn't it? Besides acting as a functional light source, neon signs are a creative and inexpensive way to add tons of personality and artistic flair to what might otherwise be a pretty dull dorm space. Whether it's a funky flamingo on your nightstand or a bold Technicolor statement on your wall, here are a few neon sign options with tons of glow factor.


Dormify Cactus Neon Light, $43

Whether you go to school in Alabama or Ann Arbor, every dorm room could use a little Southwestern flair.


Ban.do Monstera Leaf, $30

Not good with real plants? This cutie will bring in those tropical outdoor vibes sans water.


Ban.do Rainbow Neon Light, $60

There is literally no better way to brighten up your space than with a cheerful rainbow. Bonus: this one's got a dimmer, just in case you want to create some subtle mood lighting.


Urban Outfitters Love LED Neon Sign, $24

There's always room for love.


Wrought Studio LED Flamingo, $38.99

Show off your fierce personal style.


The Emily & Meritt Relax Neon Light, $103

This is the cutest way to inspire a little self-care.


PB Teen Neon Heart Wall Light, $129

Be still our hearts.

VagaryLight Thunder & Lightning Combo, $25

We've all had that roommate that's the total yin to our yang. This thunder-lightning neon light two-pack might be the perfect way to capture the vibe of your roomie-ship.