The Best Home and Decor Gifts for Pisces

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Every zodiac sign has specific characteristics that make them unique. Pisces, a water sign, is known to have a deep appreciation for all things creative, mystical, and imaginative. Since the zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces have an affinity for exploring fantasy and reality in all aspects of their lives — and those traits translate very well to the home decor front.


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While most people like to play it safe when it comes to designing their home, Pisces have eclectic ideas up their sleeves. From incorporating elements in the bedroom that encourage better sleep to heightening their intuition to adding handmade items into the mix to boost creativity, the possibilities are truly endless.

Whether you're shopping for a well-versed Pisces or someone who is new to the world of astrology, there are plenty of home decor gifts that will pique their interest. Below, find the nine best home decor gifts for the Pisces in your life.


1. Dusen Dusen River Duvet Set, $166

The Pisces sign is often represented by a fish symbol, so this river-inspired bedding offers just the right amount of symbolism while still being a stylish (not to mention cozy) gift.


2. Crosley Octave Bluetooth Speaker, $150

Two common traits of Pisces are that they enjoy alone time and are often moved by music and visual media. This vintage-looking speaker will add a touch of visual intrigue to their decor and provide them with a great escape when they just want to be alone.


3. Madison Foundry Pisces Zodiac Candle, $29.99

You can never go wrong with a candle, but this one also provides everything you need to satisfy a Pisces' love for both the zodiac and relaxing scents.


4. West Elm Wreath Kit, $44.99

Your imaginative Pisces will appreciate this wreath kit, which allows them to play around with their creative ideas and connect with nature.


5. Gaetano Pesce Big Collina Basket, $325

Another cool fish reference, this time in the form of a showstopping bowl that can be used as a table centerpiece, fruit bowl, or general catchall.


6. Rock Paradise Horoscope Stone Box Set, $28.00

This curated box of stones — rose quartz, crystal, amazonite, fuchsite, green quartz, and uorite — gives you everything you need to impart the best energy, fortune, and good vibes to a Pisces. Meditate with them or sleep with them nearby.


7. AuKing Mini Projector, $79.99

If your Pisces pal is super into movies, gift them this pocket-size projector that turns your phone into a theater-size screen. They can crawl into bed and watch their favorite cinematic masterpieces just as they were intended to be watched — on a big screen.

8. Neo Tarot: A Fresh Approach to Self-Care, Healing & Empowerment ​by Jerico Mandybur, $21.66

This Neo Tarot book will make the perfect gift for the already intuitive Pisces. It can serve as a coffee table accent and be used when entertaining guests with the wonders of the ancient cards and practices.

9. Tide Blue Ceramic Fish Lamp, $48.99

Perfect for the person who can't resist a contemporary piece, this ceramic table lamp can be used in the bedroom or serve as an end table or buffet accent. The cool blue shade is versatile enough to add stylish flair to your space.