13 Gorgeous Things That Will Bring Positive Energy to Your Home

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We're all for making your home look good, but it should also feel good. Even if you're not super into wellness, there are so many easy ways to bring good vibes to your space — whether that be through crystals or feel-good plants or decor that reminds you to take a deep breath and let go. Start with these inspirational pieces — nothing more than $100!

macrame hanging chair
credit: Amazon

You don't need a patio to take full advantage of this boho hanging chair — put it in a corner and create a zen reading nook.

Target Horse Himalayan Salt Lamp, $32.99
credit: Target

Thinking about a Himalayan salt lamp? (They supposedly have great health benefits like boosting your mood and blood flow.) This horse-shaped one is way more fun and whimsical than the ordinary varieties.

Areaware Mirror Mask, $80
credit: 2modern

A reminder every time you look in the mirror that you're doing just great.

The Strength card represents strength and power as well as inner poise and control — what a great symbol to hang in your home office!

West Elm Linen Duvet Cover, starting at $89.99
credit: West Elm

No wellness paradise is complete without a set of linen sheets — they feel so good against your skin and make indulging in some quality bedtime an easy choice.

Mydethun Moon Lamp, $29.99
credit: Amazon

Bring a calming glow to your bedroom or living room with this playful yet soothing moon lamp.

Capra Designs Hanging Terrazzo Planter, $59
credit: Capra Designs

If you're looking to add good vibes to your space, plants are a no-brainer. Really let them sing in an attention-grabbing terrazzo pot.

How does this work? No clue! But maybe it's just about having the reminder around that obstacles are within your power to tackle. The cool thing about this candle: When it's done burning, you'll find little crystals or charms in the bottom.

Poketo Star and Moon Mobile, $58
credit: Poketo

Perfect for a boho meditation nook — right?

tangerine quartz
credit: Etsy

What kind of list would this be without suggesting a crystal to add positive energy to you room? Try a tangerine quartz, which is supposed to heighten your creativity and sensuality.

Serene House Starlight Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser, $49.99
credit: Nordstrom

This little light-up diffuser sets the mood and gives you a healthy dose of aromatherapy.

Anthropologie Apothecary Bud Vases, $58
credit: Anthropologie

One of our favorite budget/super easy feel-good tips? Pick up a weekly bouquet at your local Trader Joe's. Now you've got something extra pleasant to display your buds in.

We love this little pillow from celeb interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel's new collection — the earthy color feels like it would keep you grounded while those arches seem like they'd be so soothing to touch.

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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