18 Terrazzo-Inspired Things That Are Making Us Very, Very Happy

poketo notebook
credit: Poketo

Terrazzo! It's just so much fun to say. Terrazzo, terrazzo! But okay, it's even more fun to look at. Traditionally speaking, terrazzo is a mix of marble or granite chips set in concrete, and is usually seen on floors or countertops. But these days it's more terrazzo-inspired prints that are showing up in so many cool ways. Check out these fun items to add a touch of terrazzo to your home:

slash objects coasters
credit: Spartan Shop

We are fully supportive of coasters in non-traditional shapes, like these oval lovelies by Slash Objects.

credit: Etsy

Handmade in Barcelona, this terrazzo-inspired lamp would be a cool, industrial touch on a bookshelf.

bar cabinet
credit: Anthropologie

Go contemporary by storing your booze in this cool cabinet, complete with semi-circle terrazzo handles.

credit: Smalltable

Dang, this cup is for kids? If that's the case, please put us at the kids' table for life.

credit: Poketo

Poketo's new terrazzo print notebooks come in a variety of fun colors. Collect them all!

credit: Target

Looking for something a bit more neutral? Try this platter from Target's Project 62.

credit: Etsy

Smoking bad. But terrazzo good. So use this ashtray responsibly.

throw blanket
credit: Society6

Bring in a bit of brightness by draping this classy terrazzo-inspired throw over a couch.

credit: Anthropologie

Loving the two-tone dynamic on these modern handles.

credit: Etsy

Here's the type of necklace that looks so freakin' awesome, you'd want it on display 24/7.

side table
credit: Deny Designs

This midcentury-ish side table packs a little punch of pink.

credit: Amara

Organizing is a seriously un-fun task. But these cool tin boxes by Ferm actually make us want to get started.

credit: Slash Objects

This mega-inventive mirror by Slash Objects features a terrazzo-printed rubber pad.

This UO rug is super subtle, and we definitely love the idea of pairing it with something velvet.

bathroom tumbler
credit: Hudson & Vine

For the person who likes everything to be placed just so, there's this pristine bathroom glass holder.

terrazzo lamp
credit: Amara

Taking a mental note for our next room makeover: This beautiful concrete pendant light is actually decently priced.

iphone case
credit: Society6

Get a bit artsy with your tech by working this muted terrazzo-inspired phone case.

project 62 wood sculpture
credit: Target

Okay, we're not completely sure what you're supposed to do with this, but we're strangely drawn to the satisfying combo of terrazzo and wood.