10 Items to Make Your Workspace Feel More Zen

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Work is stressful enough. Add to that all that's going on in the world and whoa: It's a lot. Now's the time to focus on what's within your control — like your workspace. With a few easy switches, you can cultivate a home office that minimizes the crazy in your day and makes you feel way more zen. Read on to see how.

Drape this faux sheepskin over a bland office chair to give it an upgrade that's both easy on the eye and pleasant to the touch.

Swap out a ho-hum pencil cup for something that inspires calm and awe when you look at it — like this trippy iridescent holder.

Sort out the mess of papers on your desk with a file organizer made of natural materials — this four-slot cube is constructed of eco-friendly bamboo.

You can't have a calm workspace without a desk that fits the theme. One option is to choose a minimalist work surface — this white desk offers the ideal minimal form with just a hint of natural materials.

This Himalayan salt lamp does more than just inspire a calm glow — it also releases negative ions that act as air purifiers, making your workspace an allergy-free zone.

Having a consistently warm cup of tea as you work is guaranteed to make your day feel more calm and collected. Just charge up one of these cup warmers and place your mug on top. The natural wood grain also doesn't hurt in adding to your zen vibes.

Give yourself something serene to look at when you're in between Zoom meetings — like a print of a calm Scandinavian lake.

Another direction to take your desk: Instead of a minimalist route, go all-in on something natural and rustic.

Bring the outdoors in with this desktop water fountain. Okay, so it might not actually make you feel like you're in an actual garden but the sound should at least help you relax.

Create a practice of lighting a candle at either the beginning or end of your work day — the scent memory will help you create a focus, whether that's gearing up or winding down.

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