7 Relaxing Candles to Set Your Bedtime Routine Straight

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From editor-tested bedding to the latest in sleep tech, we've got everything you could ever need for better sleep. Welcome to New Year, New Sleep.

It's a new year, and one of our resolutions is to get plenty of quality rest each night. While we all know that it's a bad idea to tinker with screens before bedtime — blue light can mess with your melatonin levels — we also plan on turning to aromatherapy to help our bodies and minds wind down.


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So as we unplug during the hours leading up to bedtime, we're going to light up one of these candles with calm-inducing scents for extra relaxation before we hit the hay. Just be sure to blow your candles out before you doze off!

1. Brooklinen Nightcap, $35

How appropriate that a company known for super comfy bedding and bath linens has launched a line of candles for different hours of the day. For your pre-bedtime routine, there's Nightcap, which blends the delicious, sumptuous scents of bourbon and blood orange for a scrumptious aroma. Light it up while you're luxuriating in a bath — you deserve the pampering.

2. D.S. and Durga Wild Brooklyn Lavender, $65

Sure, lavender is a go-to scent for calming vibes, but we've found that many lavender-scented products feel a little too artificial. That's not the case with New York–based fragrance company D.S. and Durga's Wild Brooklyn Lavender candle. It smells fresh-off-the-stem, with a touch of edginess (notes of asphalt) and woodiness (notes of vetiver) that say "Brooklyn" more than "Provence."

3. Apotheke Meyer Lemon and Mint, $38

Need some cleansing energy? Try Apotheke's Meyer Lemon and Mint candle. While citrus scents can be energizing, they're also clarifying, which might be ideal if you've had a chaotic day where you're stuck in your own head. The spearmint and eucalyptus aromas can aid in relaxing nerves and muscles, sending your cleansed body and mind into a peaceful slumber.


4. Homesick Book Club, $34

Homesick's Book Club candle is for those who love curling up with a good read before bed. The candle is less about aromatherapy and more about nostalgia — somehow, the candle smells ​exactly​ like a bookstore or library, though its actual scent notes are nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood. If your comfort place is among books, this candle will help you create a soothing atmosphere.

5. Sonix Me Time, $32

Accessories brand Sonix has jumped into the candle game with five scents designed for our stay-at-home lives. Me Time is an effervescent floral candle with notes of plum, peach, and vanilla that creates a lovely little meditative atmosphere perfect for helping you focus on you! It's the ideal candle to burn while journaling before bed.

6. Boy Smells Hinoki Fantôme, $32

Need something a little earthier to keep you grounded during your evening meditation? L.A.–based fragrance company Boy Smells — whose goal is to move beyond the gender binary of masculine and feminine scents — has the perfect candle for you. Hinoki Fantôme blends the earthiness of Japanese cypress and moss with airy jasmine for a divine smoky wood–meets-floral aroma. Inhale deeply and let the scent relax you.


7. Neom Bedtime Hero, $52.50

Part of Neom's Scent-to-Sleep Range, the Bedtime Hero candle is filled with 11 essential oils specifically picked for their restorative and calming qualities, including chamomile, ylang-ylang, and cedarwood. Despite having all these different scents, the candle's overall aroma is surprisingly light and not at all overwhelming — it creates soothing, spa-like vibes.