A Triangle Kitchen Island Is the Key to Your Dream Cook Space

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The kitchen island is easily one of the most highly sought after components of any cook space, and for good reason! The payoff for an island is high, since it often provides additional prep space and storage, as well as a designated spot for family and friends to gather.


Unfortunately, not every room shape or layout is cut out for a traditional, rectangular kitchen island. But wait. Before you scrap your dreams of an extra marble-topped workstation, allow us to introduce you to an option you may not have considered: the triangle kitchen island. The three-sided design offers many of the same benefits as its boxier counterparts, while also accommodating a cook space that may be more limited due to square footage or traffic flow. Of course, you may not gain quite as much prep space as you would from a rectangular shape, but that's an easy trade-off when you consider how much the triangle can optimize your current setup.

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Need a little more convincing? Say no more. We've rounded up five flawless triangle kitchen island ideas that will sell you on the unique shape.

1. Opt for all-white.

Heather Scott Home and Design shows us how to design a glam, monochromatic cook space the right way with an all-white triangle kitchen island, cabinetry, and seating. Bringing in warm wood accessories, a patterned tile backsplash, and mirrored pendants add just enough texture and interest.


2. Create warmth with butcher block.

This warm and inviting cook space designed by Cyndi of Beyond the Box Collective shows just how well a triangle kitchen island fits into a traditional design. Add warmth with a contrasting butcher block counter and wood back panel for both form and function.


3. Keep it minimalist.

The geometric shape of the triangle kitchen island also lends itself perfectly to a more modern cook space, as seen here in Amanda of Red Agape Blog's culinary headquarters. To recreate this minimalist look, ditch the cabinet hardware and bring in textured pendant lights for an ultra-clean look.



4. Add a built-in wine rack.

How much does this Hillside Barn scullery make you feel like you're in a Nancy Meyers film? Take a tip from the architect, John Cole, and add bonus storage to your triangle kitchen island with a built-in wine rack on one side. We're pretty sure Nancy would approve.


5. Add an accent color.

Leave it to Emily Henderson to design a triangle kitchen island so beautiful that you forget any other shape is an option. To recreate this setup, spruce up your back panel with painted wood planks in a cheerful green-blue shade — it's the perfect pop of color against white cabinetry.



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