Listen Up, Under-20 Girls: These Teen Bedroom Ideas Will Make Yours the Coolest on the Block

Everyone knows that the best teen bedroom ideas are equal parts sanctuary, workspace, and lounge zone — at once a secluded escape and a chill spot where everyone will want to hang out.

To get there, you'll need a few things: a chair or two where you can curl up with a book (or kick back with friends), on-trend decor, and a bed you'll want to dive into at the end of the day. These eight teenage girl bedroom ideas will transform your room into a super-cool haven — all you'll need are a few personal touches to really make it your own.

1. Hanging Chair

Create a cool spot to hang out — pun intended — with a trendy woven chair suspended from the ceiling. Hang one in a corner or near a window for a cozy place to read or lounge.

2. Wallpapered Ceiling

Skip the wallpaper on the walls and add it to the ceiling instead. It'll make any girls' teen bedroom idea feel a little bit sophisticated.

3. Statement-Making Bed

teen bedroom idea for girls with pink bed frame and patterned wallpaper with pink walls
credit: Chango & Co.

For an unexpected burst of color, opt for a vibrant bed frame, or paint your existing wood frame by yourself — the brighter, the better. We love the hot-pink bed in this design by Chango & Co.. Other colors to try: sunny yellow, deep green, or blue.

4. Flags and Pendants

Cali cool teen bedroom idea for girls with vintage flag on wall and black bed frame
credit: Studio McGee

An old-school idea that's especially cool at the moment? Instead of art, opt for a vintage pendant or flag above the bed or dresser. Just make sure it's something personal to you (or better yet, your teenager).

5. Vintage Gallery Wall

For an old-meets-new statement, deck out a rosy backdrop with a collection of framed vintage paintings arranged into an eclectic gallery wall. Optional: Add in postcards and photos, even a neon sign, too.

6. Bentwood Furniture

Here's a must-have teen bedroom idea for girls': Stay on trend with rattan furniture — from beds to desks to shelves. It's airy enough to blend into any room; plus, lightweight, smaller pieces like side tables can be moved bedside for watching Netflix, or used as a footstool while doing homework in an armchair.

7. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are a classic that never go out of style for girls' teen bedroom ideas. String them up in a geometric pattern above the bed or wrapped around the bed frame, as in this girls' room by Amy Sklar Designs. And don't forget a couple of dorm-inspired essentials, too.

8. Clever Storage

Keep your stuff corralled in storage furniture you won't mind looking at. Modern options made to look like vintage lockers easily add a sleek, industrial vibe to the bedroom, and keep books and keepsakes out of sight, too.

Annie Quigley

Annie Quigley is a freelance writer, editor, and poet whose work has appeared in Remodelista, Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere.