9 Unbelievably Cool Dorm Room Items We Wish We Had in College

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Dorm room living has definitely come a long way thanks to technology and the magic of online shopping. Gone are the days where college rooms consisted of old futons for extra seating, microwaves exclusively reserved for Top Ramen, and wooden bed risers as the primary form of storage. Today, thanks to endless amounts of amazing advances, you can cook an entire meal, have a full study set-up, and a walk-in closet (OK, maybe not walk-in) right in the comfort of your own 9 x 12. Here are nine of the coolest new organization, storage, and decor items for dorm rooms.


3-Drawer Charging Cart, $124

It's hard to imagine a time where laptops and iPhones weren't even a thing — much less having a single place to charge and store them all. Yes, please.


Collapsible Storage Ottoman Chair, $64

Let's be real. Dorm rooms aren't exactly the most spacious living spaces. That's why we love furniture like this chair, which doubles as a storage ottoman for shoes, workout gear, or secret snacks.


Coolui Mini Beauty Fridge, $60

Perfect for cooling your jade roller, face serums, and eye masks.


3-in-1 Deluxe Breakfast Station, $40

Because skipping breakfast is never a good idea.


Paper Wall Organizer, $10

Keep your life together. No hammer or nails needed.


Google Home, $99

From playing music to ordering you dinner, this is the personal assistant you never knew you needed.


Victrola Bluetooth Record Player, $70

A record player will never lose its street cred — but, just in case, this guy also includes bluetooth capabilities.

Casper Glow Light, $129

This self-dimming light is designed to lull you into better, deeper sleep.

RIKI Cutie Portable Lighted Mirror, $55

Combat bad bathroom lighting while perfecting your morning makeup routine.