Accidents happen. As you walk down your hallway, you notice a thin gray line snaking its way down your otherwise pristine wall. Your child drops her pencil on the fresh pillowcase you just put on her bed.Your grandson decides that the wooden floor is his new drawing easel. Whatever the case may be, removal of a pencil mark is not complicated. Knowing what to do will put your mind at ease when the next mark appears.

Kinds of Pencil Marks

Step 1

Pencil Marks on the Wall: Erase carefully over marks. Once the marks are barely visible, wet a sponge with a SOFT scrub pad and GENTLY rub the spot. After you are done with the pad, flip the sponge over and wipe with the other side.

Step 2

Pencil Marks on Bedding: Rub your white eraser over the pencil mark. When the mark is barely visible, take a cloth that has a little laundry detergent on it and wipe the spot until it disappears. Rinse the cloth out and go over the spot to remove the residue from the laundry detergent.

Step 3

Pencil Marks on a Wooden Floor: Wooden floors are easier to clear of pencil marks than walls and bed linen. After erasing the mark, simply wipe the section with a mop that has water and dishwashing soap on it.

Step 4

Pencil Marks on Leather Furniture: Spray a little hairspray on the spot. Wait approximately one minute then wipe off with a wet cloth.

Step 5

Pencil Marks on a Tiled Floor: Wipe floor with wet cloth. After you have wiped the floor, mop the area as you normally would.