How to Clean Coffee on a Berber Carpet

Although Berber carpet is durable to foot traffic and will stay attractive for years, it will succumb to unsightly stains if you spill coffee on it. You will be most successful removing coffee stains if you treat them promptly. You may be able to minimize even old coffee stains with the right treatment products and concerted effort. Clean coffee stains on a Berber carpet to restore your carpet to its former beauty.

Clean coffee from a Berber carpet to restore its former beauty.

Step 1

Saturate two or three paper towels with water and partially wring them out. Use the paper towels to remove as much of the coffee from the carpet as possible if the coffee stain is fresh. If the coffee stain is old, attempt to remove as much of the stain as possible. However, you may not be able to remove much.

Step 2

Fill the spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and then to the top with cool water. Close the spray bottle and shake it gently to mix the ingredients. Spray the diluted vinegar over the coffee stain to saturate it completely. Allow the vinegar to sit on the stain for two minutes and then remove the excess vinegar from the carpet with several paper towels. Pour the vinegar solution from the spray bottle.

Step 3

Measure and pour ¼ teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent into the bottom of the spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle to the top with warm water. Close the spray bottle and shake it gently. Spray the soapy water over the coffee stain to saturate the carpet fibers. Allow the soapy water to sit on the carpet for about five minutes and then gently scrub at the carpet fibers to loosen the stain. Take care as you scrub to ensure you do not damage the looped Berber fibers. Pour the soapy water from the spray bottle and rinse the spray bottle well with clear water.

Step 4

Fill the spray bottle with cool water and close the bottle. Spray the plain water onto the carpet to rinse the soap from the fibers. Remove the excess moisture with dry paper towels and spray the fibers with water a second time to ensure you rinse away the soap completely.

Step 5

Dry the carpet with dry paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible from the carpet fibers.