How to Get Marker Out of Backpacks

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Things You'll Need

  • Hair spray

  • Clean white rags (2)

  • Rubbing alcohol

Backpacks are commonly used to carry school supplies.

A high-quality backpack properly cared for can last years, but accidents do happen. A simple mark of permanent ink from a marker can become the only thing you focus on and slowly drive you crazy. Simple action can be taken to renew your backpack's appearance and spare your sanity. The process is not complicated and it will take patience and effort, but in the end you will save money by not having to replace a perfectly good backpack.

Step 1

Remove all items from every compartment of your backpack. Thoroughly dampen the marked area with hair spray.

Step 2

Blot the area with a clean white rag to remove the ink from the marked area. Using a white rag allows you to see your progress and keeps you optimistic. Continue blotting the area until you no longer notice the ink transferring to the rag.

Step 3

Dampen another white rag with clean water and blot the marked area. Switch back to the dry rag and blot the area.

Step 4

Apply rubbing alcohol to the area and blot with the dry rag. Continue this until the mark is removed from the backpack.


J. Anthony Cooley

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