How to Remove Red Wax From My White Tablecloth

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Things You'll Need

  • Ice cubes

  • Zip-top plastic baggie

  • Butter knife

  • Paper towels

  • Iron

  • Pre-wash laundry stain treatment

Don't throw out your wax-stained white tablecloth just yet—you can remove the stain in a few simple steps.

Red wax can quickly stain a white tablecloth—even if you use a candleholder to protect the fabric. The wax will adhere to the fibers of the fabric and make removal difficult. However, you can remove the red wax and restore the look of your white tablecloth with a few simple tricks.


Step 1

Place the tablecloth flat on a clean surface.

Step 2

If the wax is soft, place several ice cubes in a baggie and close the baggie. Hold the ice-filled bag on top of the softened red wax until it hardens. If the wax is already hard, skip this step.

Step 3

Remove as much of the wax from the tablecloth as possible by scraping with the back of a butter knife. Scrape gently so you do not damage the fibers of the tablecloth.

Step 4

Fold several paper towels into a stack. Place the paper towels under the tablecloth. Position the paper towels so the area of the tablecloth that has wax present is laying on top of the paper towels. Fold several more paper towels and place them on top of the wax.


Step 5

Preheat an iron on a low setting for several minutes.

Step 6

Rub the iron over the paper towels for several passes. As the wax warms, it will melt and transfer to the paper towels.

Step 7

Examine the progress of the wax after several passes of the iron. If the wax is still present, replace the paper towels with clean stacks and continue rubbing with the iron until you have removed all the red wax.

Step 8

Discard the paper towels and apply a pre-wash laundry stain treatment.

Step 9

Launder the tablecloth in cool water.



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