How Does Oxy Clean Work?

OxiClean (sometimes mistakenly spelled Oxy Clean or Oxi Clean) is a cleaning powder activated by water that uses oxygen and soda ash to remove stains.

How Does Oxy Clean Work?

How OxiClean Removes Stains

OxiClean is comprised of sodium percarbonate (Na2CO3·1.5H2O2) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). Sodium percarbonate (or peroxyhydrated carbonate of soda) is essentially a solid form of hydrogen peroxide. It releases oxygen upon contact with water to eliminate and deodorize organic stains. Sodium carbonate is also known as washing soda or soda ash. It breaks down alcohol and grease-based stains, and it kills mold.

Using OxiClean

For general stain removal, combine 16 oz. of water with 1oz. of OxiClean powder. Mix thoroughly until a uniform solution is achieved. Apply the OxiClean solution to the stain or area to be cleaned and wait approximately five minutes. Blot, rinse and dry.

OxiClean must be used within six hours after combining the powder with water, or it loses its efficacy. If leftover solution is left in a sealed container, it may burst or leak.


OxiClean breaks down into water, oxygen and soda ash.