How to Keep Lint off Clothes in the Washing Machine

How to Keep Lint off Clothes in the Washing Machine. There are numerous ways to remove lint from your clothes. The best way to be sure your clothes are lint free when you walk out the door is to keep any lint from getting on them in the first place. If you keep the lint off your clothes in the washing machine, then you won't have to concern yourself with removing it after the wash cycle.

Step 1

Clean your washing machine before your next wash load to be sure there is no lint trapped anywhere in the machine. Fill the tub about half full of water then add a couple of cups of white vinegar to the wash water. Allow it to agitate and then sit there and soak for at least an hour before you empty the machine.

Step 2

Add a cup of either white or cider vinegar to your washing machine along with the detergent before loading in your clothes to keep lint off.

Step 3

Sort out all towels and washcloths since they create lint. Put them through a separate wash cycle to keep them from transferring lint to your clothes.

Step 4

Check the labels on all your clothing to be sure you sort them correctly. Cotton clothing produces lint in the washing machine while polyester clothing picks it up. Wash them at different times to keep the lint off those that are likely to pick it up.

Step 5

Turn your clothes inside out before putting them into the washing machine to keep them from collecting lint as they go through the wash cycle.