How to Make a T-Shirt Folder

If folding laundry is a task you put off as long as possible, a t-shirt folder could be just the thing you need. Easy to make and use, you'll be able to fold t-shirts in less than 15 seconds.

Step 1

Measure and mark the four pieces of your folder. You will need one piece (A) 9 by 12 inches, one piece (B) 9 by 18 inches and two pieces (C) 8 by 30 inches.

Step 2

Cut your pieces along the marked lines.


Layout your pieces. Place the A piece with its 9-inch long side running horizontally. Place the B piece below A with the same length sides spaced ¼ inch apart. Place each C piece on each side, keeping the ¼ inch spacing.


Run a strip of duct tape or wide masking tape along the three inner sides of A.

Step 5

Flip the folder over and attach identical strips of duct tape along the same edges, matching the length of the tape. Connect the tape strips in the ¼-inch gaps.

Step 6

Fold a shirt by laying it face down with the neckline on A. Fold over your C pieces one at a time, and then fold B. Flip over the folded shirt up to show the front.