Using fabric softener to soften and reduce static buildup of bed linens may jeopardize the safety of your family. According to a 2003 report released by the Office of Science and Society at McGill University, liquid fabric softeners cause fuzzy fabrics such as fleece to become more flammable and burn more easily by increasing their overall surface area. If you are looking for a way to safely and effectively soften your fleece items, there are natural alternatives that will keep your items fluffy without endangering you or your family.

Keep your fleece items soft without increasing their flammability.

Step 1

Set your washing machine to the desired wash setting and place 1/2 cup of baking soda into washing machine tub.

Step 2

Place your laundry detergent into your washing machines tub or detergent dispenser, and fill your fabric softener dispenser to its max fill level with white distilled vinegar.

Step 3

Place your fleece items into your washing machine once the baking soda dissolves and allow the wash cycle to complete.

Step 4

Move the clean fleece items into your dryer and place a ball of tightly formed aluminum foil into the dryer with it during the drying cycle to reduce static build-up.