How to Machine Wash Micro Suede

Micro suede is a relatively new fabric used to make different kinds of products such as sofas, pillows and clothes. Micro suede is generally machine-safe, although color testing is a good idea. With some careful planning, you can wash your micro suede garments at home without having to resort to the hassle and expense of a professional dry cleaner.


Step 1

Check your micro suede item for color fastness by putting a small amount of detergent in an inconspicuous place. Allow the detergent to set for five minutes, and rinse clean. Allow the fabric to dry before checking for any discoloration.

Step 2

Turn the washing machine "gentle" cycle, and use cold water. Add half of the regular amount of a low-sudsing laundry soap.

Step 3

Place the item in the washing machine. On a first wash, do not include other items are in case any dye from the micro suede leeches into the wash water.

Step 4

After washing, put the item in the dryer and tumble dry on low heat or as indicated on the garment tag.

Step 5

When the item is dry, fold or hang it up right away. In general, you should not need to press or iron a micro suede fabric.