How to Clean an Upflush Toilet

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Clean the bowl and outside of the toilet in the same manner as a traditional toilet. When cleaning, use your regular bathroom products to clean the outside of the macerator and the exposed plumbing as well.

Upflush toilets use a macerator, which breaks up solid matter, and a pump to send the unwanted waste out of your home. It's ideal for basement bathrooms, as it doesn't require breaking up the cement to install pipes, in new construction homes to save money on plumbing or any space that won't accommodate a standard toilet. Cleaning your upflush toilet correctly ensures the macerator remains in good working order without compromising your family's health.


Step 1

Turn off the power to the upflush toilet's macerator. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the macerator's power is generally shut off through a switch somewhere on the box itself, which is found directly behind the toilet.

Step 2

Pour two to three cups nonacidic toilet bowl cleaner down the toilet. Allow it to remain for at least two to three hours. During this time, the toilet bowl cleaner breaks up any deposits and grime found inside the macerator.

Step 3

Turn the macerator on. The toilet bowl cleaner and loose unwanted particles and deposits then drain from the macerator through the plumbing. The toilet bowl cleaner also cleans the inside of the plumbing.



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