How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Bleach

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but to keep them looking their best you must take good care of them. A small amount of bleach mixed with water can be used to remove mildew from floors or some stains, but for best results use water and bleach sparingly on your hardwood floors. Regular cleaning of hardwood floors should be performed with a broom or a dry mop.

Step 1

Thoroughly sweep the floor using a broom or a dry mop.

Step 2

Mix the water and bleach together in a bucket.

Step 3

Dip one rag in the mixture and wring it out as well as you can. Rub at the stain or the mildew until it is gone. Some stains will not come out with bleach, so if rubbing for a while does not work, discontinue and try a different product.

Step 4

Use the dry rag to wipe up any remaining moisture.