If you think cobwebs are simply collections of dust that are unrelated to spiders, you are not alone. Many have been mislead into believing this old wives tale, but the truth is cobwebs are stray spider silk that has been abandoned after being used for drop lines and become encrusted with dust and debris. Getting rid of cobwebs not only requires regular vacuuming and dusting, if the problem is prevalent you may need and insecticide, too.

Step 1

Remove cobwebs from the ceiling or in unused corners by vacuuming regularly. Vacuum the cracks and crevices thoroughly being sure to get into tight spaces with the crevice tool that came with your vacuum cleaner. Not only will this vacuum up the cobwebs, it can effectively remove small spiders that may be hiding in cracks around windows and doors.

Step 2

Dust with a soft long handled duster to remove cobwebs from high ceilings or corners. Cover the straw of a broom with a soft cloth and sweep away webs in hard to reach areas. Wash affected areas with warm water and detergent to remove sticky or dirty residue.

Step 3

Seal cracks around windows and doors to prevent spiders from entering your home. Spiders often enter in the fall in an attempt to find shelter. Blocking access will go a long way in preventing spiders. Pay special attention to corners of windows. Watch for egg sacs. These may look like small bundles of silk, but hold hundreds of eggs that will produce hundreds of tiny spiders in the spring. Destroy any egg sacs you find.

Step 4

Spray cracks around doors and window frames with an insecticide specifically designed for spiders. Choose a product that has a residual effect of at least 30 days to kill off hatchlings or new spiders from entering the home.

Step 5

Maintain a clean insect free home to deter spiders. Insects are a spider's food source. Store all foods in airtight containers and avoid leaving food products on the counter. Rinse glasses and cups immediately to remove traces of juice or other sweet liquids. Wash down counters and appliances daily with detergent and water to remove any grease or sugary residue. Sweep and scrub floors regularly.